Funded Proposal – What It Is

Funded Proposal – What It Is

This post explains what a Funded Proposal is

You will also learn why every business should have one and how it will benefit you and your business

In short simple terms a Funded Proposal is a way of funding your business.

It is done through the funding of a Proposal of something you need for your business

Every business owner should have one for their business

Because while they may feel that their business benefits everyone

Clearly not everyone, has a need for it

A Shining Example

A shining example of this is Tesco or Walmart

Two famous brands in the retail shopping sector

Both load their stores with  consumable products that people clearly want

However not every body wants what Tesco has to offer.

The same can be applied to Walmart.

So for the customers that both stores lose and most likely for ever

That is also lost revenue. 

The same applies to the Home Business and Online Marketing Market.

Every Affiliate feels that their opportunity fits everyone

The stark reality is that it doesn’t, coupled with the fact that its also not presented well.

So for those with a funded proposal at the front of their opportunity

Even if the person they are talking to or hoping to entice into their opportunity

Doesn’t want it, they will have the funded proposal 

Because that contains something they want

The ability to earn money from 100% of the people who don’t want the opportunity on offer.

Do Funded Proposals Work

Interesting question. The overwhelming answer is that they do and very nicely too

Let me share three examples where they worked and still do work perfectly.

The first one is Magnetic Sponsoring written by Mike Dillard

This book was intended for his MLM Distributors initially as a means to Fund Advertising

But it proved so successful it was adopted by the entire MLM industry for their reps

Mike Dillard made a lot of money on the back of this book 

Second One…

The second one is Prosperity Marketing System which is the brainchild of Darren Olander

This is probably a better example of a funded proposal for the Modern day

Reason being is that unlike Magnetic Sponsoring it offers something very different

That difference is that it provides you, the business owner with a golden key

That golden key is letting you have your very own membership script

This post explains what memberships scripts are in case you don’t know

Having your own membership script can be very costly.

Admittedly payments for them are one time, but you still have to allow for advertising costs.

Prosperity Marketing System Differs in that you can actually earn 100% Commissions

These come from Students and Owners Add On.

However this post is not the place to review that system, you can find out more by taking the Free Tour

Third One…

The Third one is a very smart one indeed

Its called LeadsLeap & is a brilliant alternative to Google Adwords.

It has many benefits as the picture below shows you.

It provides you with Traffic

It gives you leads, hence the name LeadsLeap

You can Build a list, this is done through Sendsteed which is found on the Recommended Page

You can follow Up with that list

You earn money in 4 different ways. Which you can read about fully here

So as you can see a funded proposal is worth considering

Membership scripts are how the so called gurus earn their money

Funded proposals are the way that you earn money without people joining your opportunity

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