G V O Host Then Profit – What You Need To Know

G V O Host Then Profit

This post looks at  GVO  Host Then Profit and explains what you need to know

GVO or Global Virtual Opportunities as they are also known is owned by Joel Therien

Joel has been around the Internet Marketing Space for absolutely years

GVO is the parent company of Pure Leverage, Now Lifestyle, 7 Minute Workout to name but a few

It is posistioned as a technology company primarily and its offering is 

The complete online tool box for all your needs … 

However, and sadly, GVO is not all it is cracked up to be, far from it.

Now I say this as a previous user and … Huge Fan of the Company and Joel Himself

What GVO Offers

Is primarily a hosting opportunity, which starts at $19.97 Per Month 

It is also the home to hundreds of like minded online entrepreneurs, some of which are on the home page

Obviously this lends itself to credibility by having so many entrepreneurs endorsing it

Within the hosting offering, you are also given access to 

An eResponder, this is GVO’s version of an  Autoreponder

A Conference Facility

A prospecting System, known as Lead Pages

And GVO Academy (Expert Tuition)

Now admittedly, I joined GVO because I was looking  for quality hosting, following a disaster with Bluehost

I also wanted some WordPress Training, because using self hosted WordPress Sites can be a minefield

And at that time, I was newish to using WordPress, so it gave you access to WordPress and cPanel

Don’t worry if cPanel is a term you don’t understand, right now you don’t need to

The above tools are all necessary and required, for you to be successful online.


GVO promotes and entices you in with an appealing commission structure, as you can see below

For every person you refer, they will pay you 100% Commission of their First Months Premium

For every month after that, you receive 25% .

At face value, this looks like quite a good opportunity, worth being part of

Until you actually look underneath the bonnet

Then, a Lot Changes

First of all, for you to earn commissions from GVO, you need to buy one of the products

You can’t earn commissions without doing this.

So, for example if you were looking for WordPress training and wanted to know how to earn money online

Then the GVO Academy and Smart Marketing Training would be agood place to start

But, when you get inside both these products, by becoming a reseller

The disappointment level is failry high

The WordPress training is little more than basic training, which is easily found on YouTube

The Smart Marketing Training, giving you access to the Worlds Top Elite Marketers

Amounts to not much more than out dated content, in some cases by a good few years

These are avaiable via pretty expensive upsells, which are eyewatering 

But, accompanied by well written copy, showing the commissions you can earn

Then you would be tempted to buy into this


The one thing, the entire overall package lacks is

Showing you exactly how to market online

Which strategies are the best

How to drive Traffic to the products you have

The brutual truth is that without Traffic To Your website, then nothing much is going to happen

So you have monthly expenditure going out, before you actually have any income coming in

This is not the best way to build your business. 

If you are using WordPress as a marketing medium

Then you need to learn how to set up a blog correctly

A correctly set up blog is properly Search Engine Optimised

It has to be this way, because it is live 24/7 and working for you 365 days of the year.

The GVO offering lacks this, which renders your blog, virtually redundant.

So combined with the various upsells, its a lot of money to invest, before any return

There is some food for thought for you, if you are considering it 

2 thoughts on “G V O Host Then Profit – What You Need To Know”

  1. Hi Dave, thank you so much for sharing your insight on G.V.O host, a great informative post I enjoyed reading. It sounds like we don’t have to run off to sign up with GVO as some of the crucial elements are missing with GVO.

    I have found WA excellent myself, I bumped into WA last December and never looked back and host my website. They have great training and support, and the price is fair and affordable. Honestly, without the support, I would have never been where I am now.

    I did never hear about G.V.O hosting before, and I am happy to bumper into your article to use in my advantage for future reference, so thank you.



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