GeneratePress Premium Theme Freedom

If your current WordPress Theme, is providing you with frustrations

Then you might want to consider, using GeneratePress Premium

This theme has been developed by its creator Tom Usborne to be Flexible and Functional

GeneratePress Premium is an affordable $49.95 for 1 year

It is ridiculously well priced and offers you as a WordPress user, way more benefits

To start with, you have a very comprehensive template Library

This lets you pick a template to make your website look like the vision in your mind

As an example if you are an affiliate marketer, then this post is written on the

Marketer theme, shown below, which as you can see from this blog

Actually resembles the demo version

That in itself is pretty amazing, given that a lot of Pemium Themes, don’t rsemble

anything like the demo version, when they are imported

Not so with GeneratePress Premium.

Their themes are also coded specifically to work with Elementor

Unlike the vast majority of themes, which are not

So straight away you have a time saving.

Beaver Builder

GeneratePress Premium has also been coded to work with Beaver Builder as well.

Indeed in the site library, you will see the template selections availble

No Coding Required

One of the absolute joys of working with GeneratePress Premium, is that you don’t need to code anything

Every template has been designed so that you literally have to click and add

Should you get stuck they have an awesome support team to guide you

They also have a beta testing version of GenerateBlocks

These are very similar to Gutenberg Blocks but provide you with more post editing options

Overall, though, if you are a daily WordPress user, frustrated with your current theme

and being totally truthful, this blog, prior to switching to GeneratePress Premium

Had used, Astra, ThriveThemes, Hiero, Divi, among others

Now there is nothing wrong with any of those themes

But if you are looking for flexibility and Functionality, then

GeneratePress Premium is hard to beat

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