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If you are a WordPress User, thinking about using GeneratePress as your theme, then this post will give you some information as to whether its the right choice for you or not .


Generate Press


First of all, let me say with thousands of themes available for WordPress, it can be confusing, as to which is the best one to use and sometimes, well most of the time, the confused mind… Does nothing!

However. This WordPress Training certainly covered some good, relevant ground in terms of themes that are both free and premium

It included the two versions of GeneratePress which are the free and premium version

As a result of watching the training, I decided to bit the bullet and move from my existing hiero by aThemes to Generate Press

Now granted Hiero, looks nice and easy on the eye, but there were some aspects of it, which weren’t pleasing me, which is not what your WordPrress website is all about

Its all about the User Experence ultimately and this is where GeneratePress, actually wins hands down for me, as indeed it will for you

This blog is currently using the free version, but as you can see, its plain and simple to look at, the content is easy to read and navigation around the site is easy and fuss free… Well, click around the site and you will see for yourself

One of the great things about Generate Press is that with the free version, you have the ability to do absolutely anything you want to the site, because the customiser, which allows you to build on the front end so you can see the changes in real time, is probably one of the easiest customisers to use.

Another great benefit to using Generate Press is that the themes are designed for speed and loadability

This, if you are fairly new to the world of WordPress, is one of the most crucial factors you can have with your website.

So combine that with ultra fast hosting that you get with This Host means that your visitors stay on your site longer.

The clean white background of Generate Press, means that your content is going to stand out more and be noticeable.

So, in terms of is this theme, worth having, then while it might not be as colourful as others, it does the job and will help build the know like and trust, with your visitors, which in turn helps your Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Ranking.

Having used a lot of free themes in the past and paid or premium, themes, I have used, this one certainly lives up to the billing up the website

It has my highest recommendation

16 thoughts on “GeneratePress Reviewed”

  1. If I can ascertain right now that your site is beautiful then definitely generate press has something tangible to offer and I’m very happy that I found your post when I just did. Seeing that I can make my own site is great and that they have good template and themes. I feel this is going to be good but I have my site already hosted elsewhere,is it possible to move my website or will I just create a new one?

    • John, thanks for the comment. Where is your site hosted currently?

      It is possible to move it, because from experience, other hosts, are poor by comparison

  2. I think that I will have to try Generate Press for myself. When you said the user experience is good you had me hooked. I hate anything complicated, so if you say this is easy to use, I will take your word for it.

    Looking at your website here run on Generate Press, I feel it is uncluttered and professional-looking, which is what I always look for in a theme. 

    Thank you for the introduction to this amazing looking theme, I am going to try it right now.

    • Michael, its easy to use, and once you get away from the ‘what I like’ part as I was doing and think that the blog, or website is for your reader more, then GP really does make sense

  3. Well for the start, I am a blogger and I host my website on WordPress. To be honest, getting a theme to suit me perfectly has been a problems and I sure as hell can make use of the generate press that you have reviewed here. It does have some great features such as the perfectly white background and the load ability plus the speed. That’s nice to know of. Thumbs up

    • Thanks Tracy, appreciate the comment, like you I am a blogger reviewing affiliate marketing products. I have found GeneratePress to be good and at the time of writing, am considering upgrading to the premium version, as that offers much more

  4. Thanks Dave. I didn’t know GeneratePress was a theme you could get. You’re right, there are so many themes, how do you choose which one? I appreciate your link to Wealthy Affiliate hosting. They do have really good hosting so that when your site gets bigger, it will handle a lot of traffic. Also, Wealthy Affiliate offers lots of great themes to choose from with their Premium membership. 

    Great article, everything looks very nice. You have a lot of social media following so that’s great. I pinned your post to Pinterest. Have a great day!

    • There are literally thousands of themes, both free and paid to choose from, and I got Generate Press after watching the webinar, which you see by following the link within the text, because I wanted to adjust my current theme. But after watching it, I chose to go with Generate Press and not been disappointed so far

  5. Great review you have done here on generate press and it surely look like a very awesome theme to have on the website. I got my website on WordPress and the themes seems overwhelming to me to pick from. Thanks for helping me to narrow my search for theme. I really like the way your website is and it looks rather professional. I will give it a trial just now to see if it really lives up to the good things written aboiyt it here. Thumbs up

  6. Hi Dave 

    Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about the generatepress review with us. By reading your post it is very clear to me that the GeneratePress has two versions which are free and premium. The great benefit to using Generate Press is that the themes are designed for speed and loadability . Your this review will help moor for the new. 

    Thanks again. I’ll share this post with my friends and family so that they also can get the information. 

  7. Great!  I have always seen GeneratePress theme but I’ve not used them. I know the simpler a site theme is, the better.  Also, faster loading time means that it’s a user friendly site. I would consider trying out GenetatePress.

    And I also know that when it comes to WordPress themes, the type of website a person is building should be considered before choosing a theme, since  different themes have certain plugins they are compatible with.

    Thanks for the information.

  8. I heard this generatepress from a friend but I didn’t have much believe in it simply because of how the person’s website looks like. Don’t let me judge the platform with his website. I have a new business website I wanted to host. I will consider trying it on generatepress and see how wonderful it is. This is an enlightening review about a useful hosting platform.

    • Thanks for commenting Stella, with WordPress, its a continual Learning curve, to achieve and easy on the eye, but pleasant user Experience and many people run into hurdles, which instead of fixing, they simply change themes, which is what may have happened with your friends website

      GeneratePress, does a lot of good things that need doing to your site with ease


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