GeneratePress – Why I Ditched Thrive Themes For GeneratePress

This post looks at why I decided to ditch Thrive Themes for GeneratePress

It must be said first of all I was a massive fan of Thrive Themes

From a bloggers point of view then, they had me at ‘Conversion Focused Blogs

After all, as bloggers, the one thing we call want is more conversions

So I decided to switch from GeneratePress Premium to Thrive Themes

(Yes I Kknow the title of this post says something else, we’ll come nack to that!)

Thrive Themes, which I had had previously, costs $228 for the year

Included within it, are lots of different marketing tools and options

All of which are designed to get you more conversions onto your list


Elsewhere on this blog you will read reviews of Thrive Themes and their associated products

These were all tried out and integrated with AWeber.

However, after adding content to my blog and promoting the heck out of it

Which was done incidentally in accordance with this very good course here

I wasn’t getting any more leads than I was using the methods I was before

So looking at another blog I had which I had kept GeneratePress On

I could clearly see that it was generating more leads for me.

What was more interesting as well

Was that the blog with Generate Press on, also had the Gutenberg Block Editor

So, looking at the two blogs together, it was really clear that

The Blog with GeneratePress on, was doing better and getting referrals

Another thing that played a crucial role in helping me decide

Was that using the Gutenberg Editor, which is the free default editor for WordPress

I could do exactly the same thing with it, as I could using Thrive Architecht

But… With one huge difference. I could save $228 per year, with more benefit


So it then became a no brainer decision to ditch Thrive Themes

Another major Attraction with Generate Press is this

Unlike every other Premium WordPress Theme that you install

Where the theme looks nothing like the demo version

With GeneratePress they have a site library

It has excellent templates you can import

You an see an example of a few of them below.

As you can see there are templates for all types of business

To illustrate this, the Marketer theme shown below on the top far right

Is the theme for this blog

One click installs and you have the very same look, exactly like the demo.

This means that you don’t have to worry about designing your website

Simply choose the template that best matches your idea

Then you can focus on the content you want to write.

GeneratePress Premium was then installed on this blog

Interestingly the same results have now happened on this blog.

That is why I ditched Thrive Themes For Generate Press

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