GeneratePress: Why I Switched From Astra Theme

This post explains why I switched from the Astra theme to Generate Press 

There were several reasons, but I shall highlight the main reasons in this post

Its important to say that there is nothing wrong with the Astra theme, but for me, being a regular user of WordPress and because my blog was evolving, I wanted a slightly cleaner and fresher look, while still maintaining the fast loading speeds, that Astra delivers

After a lot of research and looking at different options, I went with Generate Press because its owner and creator Tom Usborne, is like me a Freelance web designer

So he had built GeneratePress with not only himself in mind, but other freelancers as well.

It offers  as you can see from this blog a clean, sleak, yet fresh look and is fully responsive. Which means it works on mobile as well

Add into the bargain that it has flexible customisation as well and you begin to start finding it more likeable

At the time of this post, the free version of GeneratePress is being used

However there is a Premium version available as well, which offers way more options.

Certainly based on the free version experience so far, then the paid version, judging by the reviews I have seen and read, is going to be very good indeed.

You’ll also be pleased to know that it works very well with Elementor the page builder.

In fact the two do, in my opinion make an excellent and winning combination.

But that is why I switched from Astra to This theme and and this moment, see no reason to change that opinion.

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