GlobalMoneyLine, A Review of GlobalMoneyLine


GlobalMoneyLine ~ A Review of GlobalMoneyLine

GlobalMoneyLine, is an established online advertising venture, which promotes itself, or rather it does, through the army of affiliates who join it, exactly as the name suggests a


I joined GML, as a result of a recommendation from a business associate “Who swore by it”

However, it has to be said… from a marketers perspective, it is hugely disappointing

Here’s why

You can join for free, which is excellent, so you lock in your posistion, because everyone who joins after you goes underneath you

For someone associated with MLM / Network Marketing and who is no good at recruiting, then its Utopia, because you get an instant downine.So thats good

You can upgrade to different levels, if you wish

The levels Below are the ones you can upgrade to

Bronze is the first level, for a one time payment of $20. This lets  you send 20 messages to people directly underneath you

You can further upgrade to silver for $50 annually and send to 50 members in two clicks

From Silver you can upgrade to gold for $100 annually and send to 100 members directly underneath you

Platinum is the next level, for $250 annually and send to 250 members in two clicks, again like other levels, they would be directly underneath you

From Platinum, you go to Diamond for $500 annually and send to 500 members in two clicks

And finally, Double Diamond for $1,000 annually and send to 1,000 members in two clicks.


Silver members can create their own targeted ad message which is displayed on a silvers’ only page.

Gold Subscribers can create their own targeted ad message which is displayed on a rotating basis on the dashboard of those who sign up after them

Diamond Subscribers can create their own targeted ad message which is displayed on a rotating basis on the Free Subscriber login page of those who sign up after them in

Lastly Double-Diamond Subscribers have access to the Diamond Center List Management Tools and can create their own targeted ad message which is displayed on a rotating basis on the Login Page of everyone in the MoneyLine.

From an advertising perspective, it makes perfect sense to have Login ads, which people see, or so you would think

Making Money

Now based on the above, it should be a piece of cake to earn money with GlobalMoneyLine, because

A Direct sale – which means you become  a qualified I. R. and keep the full retail payment of $20 on each retail sale.


B, a Qualifying sale – a qualified upline referrer receives $10 of the retail sale.

But this is where GML falls down, or at least it does in my opinion, because with every person who joins GlobalMoneyLine, no matter where in the world they are, your own downline can increase quite literally by thousands in any 24 hour period. This is when Moneyline updates its database

Most will pay the $20, so they can message their downline, however, this is where the problems arise, because, despite repeatedly sending messages to my downline, there were absolutely no takers on the offers being sent out

These offers it should be said, were good high converting offers, which worked in other places very well.

Many members state that it works, but no one can actually provide any evidence that it does. So with this in mind, I tracked my activity with GML for a full 90 days and can confirm

That there were zero takers for anything.Not a bean, not even open to having a conversation of any sort.

So, based on that evidence, I concluded that GML, was certainly not worth spending any money on advertising and that I would be better off spending my ad budget, elsewhere on more proven vehicles

Its on that basis I give it a poor recommendation of 10 out of 100 and would advise that in comparison to My #1 Recommendation, you would be ill advised to spend any money on advertising products in Global Money Line

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