Google Adsense This MIGHT Interest You

Google Adsense This MIGHT Interest You

If you are a blogger and are considering monetising your blog through Google Adsense

You may well want to read this first

First of all lets look at Google Adsense first.

What is it?

Adsense is Google’s very own ad programme, which is content driven.

By that, Adsense displays ads from various third parties  somewhere on your website

It can be in the sidebar, or posistioned in between the paragraphs of your text

The ads will be relative to waht you have written about. 

But before you can display ads on your website, you have to apply to Google

They will then look at your website and see if it is attracting a certain amount of traffic

Your site doesn’t need to be that old, its worked out on the content you are producing

So an application can take several weeks or months before its gets approved

Once approved however, you are given a code to insert on your site.

This code is valid for every site you own.

How do You earn with Google Adsense

As already documented, Google Ads are determined by the content you write

So your reader, will click on ads they see within your content if they think it will provide a solution they want

When the reader clicks the ad, then you will receive a tiny amount of revenue from Google

This revenue is called Profit Share or more commonly revenue share

Google puts this money into an account in your adsense account

When you reach the threshold payment, which is currently $60 Google Pays you

Now clearly, while this works, you are going to have to write an awful lot of content to earn money


There is 

An Alternative!

And its an alternative, which is based very much on the Google Adsense model

Only…. Much better and pays more money

This alternative, has been around since 2008 and works in much the same way as Adsense

The difference being is that it is not dependent on the content you write

To explain this further. On the right hand side of this blog you see the words 

Sponsored Links

These are all ads from other business owners which come from a mix of online and offline businesses

For each ad that is clicked, the person who is showing the sponsored links on their blog gets paid

So lets look at this alternative in a bit more close up 

I wrote a review on it but am going to expand slightly on it here.

As an Adsense alternative it is a really good option.

With the two levels of membership, which are free and Pro 

You are required to do just one thing daily

That is watch 10 ads 

Doing this lets you…

receive a share of the revenue every day.

Goes towards your credit encashment bonus of 50 credits 

Once you have those then you can cash out to paypal 

However, it goes one better than that.

Because as a Pro member, you are not required to sponsor or recruit 

But you do get 50% commission from others who are introducing people to the platform

You get this every single month

You also receive spillover commissions down 10 levels, even if you haven’t introduced anyone to the platform

Its important to note at this point that though there are 10 levels, it is not an mlm

The chart below, shows the main benefits 

The box at the top markeed 1, shows where the ads are shown

As you can see the yare shown  

In the members area

on Peoples blog ( of which this blog is an example)

Through an excellent Link tracker, which shows exactly where your hits are coming from

And perhaps the best and most effective medium of all

>>>>>>>Email Advertising

Every day as both a free member and a pro member, you receive a daily email

The picture below shows what that looks like 

To explain this and clarify it

The box on the top right contains clickable links, each of which goes towards your 10 ads daily

The quick stats box under that, shows you a snap shot of your account

Probably the two biggest benefits for you as a blogger howerver are 

A) Your blog is getting tons of extra exposure

B) You will get leads for your blog, business opportunity or what every yo uare promoting, very easily.

Its like turning on a tap for leads .. & No  that is not an exaggeration

The  major difference between this platform and Adsense is 

None of it is content related to earn money 

You simply view 10 ads daily. That is it . 

In conclusion …

If you are waiting for an adsense application to come back

Then this might be the alternative solution you want

Either way, why not create a free account by clicking on the 200 Testimonials banner on the right hand side bar

With your blog being out in cyber space 24/7/365, its a simple way to earn money while you are sleeping

16 thoughts on “Google Adsense This MIGHT Interest You”

  1. Good stuff, Dave. No fluff, and right to the point. The pictures helped to clear up a couple questions I had, and your examples motivate me to look more into this stuff.

    How long does it take to set this stuff up and can anyone do it? Do I need to be good at web design or programming or something? 

    • Flynn

      Thanks for the comment. To answer your questions

      To set up is simply this. Click on the banner on the right hand side, 200 Testimonials

      From the page that follows, click the join free button at the top right hand side

      That will create an account.Then you choose to upgrade to Pro and click 10 ads daily

      So in total, not more than 10 minutes

  2. What is actually the name of the alternative that you are suggesting? I don’t see the name anywhere. I am a huge fan of google adsense but if I am able to find a better ad service I would definitely go for it. Also, can I use it together with google adsense?

    • Manuel,

      Thank for commenting and like you I was a huge fan of Google Adsense. The alternative is called Leadsleap, for which there is a link to a review in the post(highlighted in red) 

      Like you I have google adsense as well on my site

  3. Hey Dave, I was just reading over your review of Leadsleap and it sounds interesting but I am wondering how could it be more profitable than Google Ads? I know people get paid to watch 10 ads but what about targeted buyer traffic for affiliate commissions? Maybe I am not understanding Leadsleap enough. Can you tell me if I make any sense or not? Thanks.

    • With Google Adsense, you are reliant on people clicking on the ads. If they do you make a few cents.

      With leadsleap, you are viewing 10 ads, to qualify for the daily bonus and the ads are targeted specifically for your target market

      Its as simple a way as you can get for earning money which is not content driven

  4. Hi Dave, 

    Spot on. I´m just considering adding adsense and was looking for some help when I found you article. 

    My site is only 3 months old and wasn´t sure I´d qualify for adsense, but apparently it should be okay. 

    I will sign up and see how it goes. Thank you for the step-by-step info. 

    Best regards. Marisa

  5. Greetings across the pond Dave from Sussex,

    I am a newcomer in the Blogger word and I am a stage where I need to be thinking about the $ side

    of helping people online.

    Well, my fiend, you just helped me a great deal by introducing this alternative method to Adsense.

    Many people around me have simply let go the method so it will definitively giving this new way a shot.

    Appreciate your time, Thanks.

  6. Hi Dave,

    It’s very interesting information you are sharing here. I haven’t heard of Leadsleap before. I’ve started using AdSense when my website was very new, and I didn’t like it: since it’s content-related, it has the potential of driving my visitors to the competitors’ ads, earning me, as you said, just a tiny amount. It seemed like I’d be better off keeping my visitors on my website longer and encouraging them to take advantage of my own promotions. AdSense might be good for those whose traffic is huge, but at the time when I’ve just started, I didn’t want to lose visitors to the Adsense ads. So, I removed them from my site, and without any specific reason never brought it back, even when my site matured.

    I’ve quickly scanned your Leadsleap review as well. It looks really interesting. I am bookmarking your page to come back when I have more time to explore the platform in detail. I wonder if free membership gives a good hand-on experience and understanding of how the system works and whether the benefits are really worth the Premium monthly pay of $27/mo. I trust you when you say that it works great for you, but we all have different preferences and abilities…

    Once again, thank you for introducing Leadsleap. I will be back and might have more questions.

    All the best,

    ~ Julia

    • Thanks for commenting and you highlight a downside t adsense. Which was the reason why i went with leadsleap

      The free membership would give you a taster of the benefits

      In terms of it working great, there is absolutely zero risk and I am very cautious normally, but this was a no brainer

  7. Wow! This is absolutely incredible. While waiting for Adsense approval and even after approval, we  will still enjoy this. I definitely love and would love to get the benefits too just like you.

    Just a quick question please

    What is the equivalent of the credits given? Like you said 50 credits. What is 50 credits in $$? Thanks

    • The credits one is a funny one, because the 50 credits, at the pro version, can be accumulated very quickly with referrals

      So one referral would be for instance $13.97 plus the credits you get for doing 10 ads

      Then you would have the referral Spillover on top of that

      The minimum amount you can withdraw is $10 and at the pro level, you would get there in a couple of hours by sharing the link and getting pro upgrades

  8. Hello Dave. I must come across this before now. I remember on several occasions while browsing some websites, I use to see some set of links saying you may also like bla bla bla. Good to know this is it.

    What are the Methods with which they make payments? PayPal or bank?


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