Google Adsense

If you are thinking about applying for a Google Adsense Account

But aren’t quite sure if you should or not. This post will help you decide

What is Google Adsense

In its simplest form, Google Adsense is Google Ads, which are shown on your website

The Ads are content dependent and you will see them in some form or other

This blog has them.You will see them on websites you visit

How Do You Get Google Adsense

To get Google Adsense is straight forward enough

First of all you need to have a Google email account

Then you need a blog or website on which the ads are going to go

Next you need to apply to Google to be allowed to show ads on your site

Because the Ads you are planning to show are content dependent

Your application can take a while to get approved

For example, I applied 3 times, until I got accepted

But once accepted the code you get is good to use on all websites you own

Then you need to produce content. That content can be about anything( well as long as its clean obviously)

How Often Do You Get Paid

The frequency of payments very much depends on how frequently you publish content

Google has a threshold payment release at time of writing which is $60

Once that is reached, Google notifies you and payment is made to your bank account.

In short that is what Google Adsense is

As you will not doubt have realised, getting paid by Google for writing is attractive

However, you do have to be consistent with your content

You also have to publish on a regular basis and write on a subject you like

If not a subject you like, then at least a subject you know a lot about

If you know a lot about it, then effectively you become an authority

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