Google Blogger 5 Things You need to Know …

If you are looking at Google Blogger as a free to use Blog, then here are three things you need to know.

Google, Blogger, is obviously free andwhile free is good in a lot of ways, when it comes to Blog platforms, then free is something to be avoided 

Let me explain a bit further, because as a free lover, this is my experience of free blog platforms 

In partcular Google Blogger

I arrived at Google Blogger through bad experiences with Bluehost and Hostgator 

Both of the those platforms, turned what should be an expression of your personality and experience through writing

Thoroughly fed up with both the previous WordPress Platforms, I turned to Blogger

Initially I liked the platform

Yes its free, but you can pick a design that you like and within reason customise that design

On that side of things, it was very similar to a self hosted  WordPress platform

So all good there.

#1~ Choosing a Domain Name

Google lets you have an option to choose a domain name as well, which is good, however it is not the cheapest

Like most Google Products, the costing is above average, so you are better choosing a domain name from another provider and pointing it at the domian you have chosen

So instead of you can have

#2~ Content …

In terms of content wand what you write about, well yes it was good there as well, or at least it was to a point

Because everything yu write about on Blooger is subject to scrutiny and vetting

Now this is not so good, if you want freedom of expression

#3~ Not Self Hosted

This might seem a small point, especially if you are not an avid writer and only writing maybe as a hobby

Your blogger is not self hosted, so therefore you have zero control over it and although Google brought Blogger years ago, not every product they buy or evolve, tneds to work out

So, if they decide to scrap it, then your content goes with it and if you have invested a lot of time into putting good quality content onto it then, unless you have backed it up, you are going to be unlucky.

#4~ No Training

Okay its basic and free, and at first sight you wonder how it works, because there are no training lessons on how to put togther a blog, so it looks decently professional

#5 ~Coding Issues

One of the biggest bug bears  you will find with Blogger and when you are writing posts

when it comes to changing fonts and headings, so your content looks slightly nicer for your reader

You will find yourself, constantly spacing out and possibly even deleting some text, before you can adjust it properly

You cannot create Breadcrumbs with Blogger, as some WordPress Themes will allow.

From my experience I found this hugley frustrating, so much so, that i decided to cut my losses and look for a good WordPress self hosted platform again

Which is why, I highly recommend


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