Hiero an awesome WordPress Theme &… Its Free!

If you are looking for a brilliant, professsional, free WordPress theme, then Hiero by aThemes could be your theme

Its a light, responsive theme, which has lovely colours and operates with the minimum of fuss.

This entire post and blog is using the theme, so you can see how it looks.

Navigation of the tabs and the site is easy and fuss free.

One of the biggest things all bloggers want, is a theme, which not basic looking, but has a professional feel to it and integrates seamlessly with their favourite 3rd part apps, like autoresponders.


Compatible with WordPress …

Its is compatible with the latest edition of WordPress

It has cross browser support, such as Chrome, IE and Firefox, as well as fast technical support too

Hiero also adheres to WordPress best practises in terms of coding requirements

It also has a very easy to use customiser, in which any changes you make on the front end, you can see instantly, where as some others, take a while to implement the changes, so you can feel slightly frustrated when you don’t see the instant results.

Post Formatting

One of the things you will like about the post formatting, apart from the fact that it is easy to use, is that it comes with a built in author box at the bottom, which displays info about you

When the post is published, it also has a continue reading button, displayed after 5 lines together with the numbero comments that post has received, so your reader can instantly see, how popular a particular post is, especially if it is the topic they are searching for.

Another great feature that comes with Hiero, is  featured posts. This is a widget, which when activated, will show, a number of posts on the right hand  side bar.

So if you look to the right of this post, below the keyword search tool ,you will see the posts mentioned.

Social Media Icons…

This is a very nice feature, which sits nicely… and neatly in the header and shows your favourite social media channels, by way of their channel badges.

Now this feature is entirely different to the Social Follow Me  buttons, which you will see on the right hand side bar

The follow me buttons, are actually a plugin from Divi Builder (which will be the subject of another blog post) but have been used because in line with the social media training Found Here lets your readers follow and engage with you, easily.


Lets look at the footer sections now. You will see there are 4 in total, and that they are all have words in them

Necause of the way aThemes design and make their themes when you add links into the footer section. how you see them there makes them easy on the eye and very professional looking.

With WordPress there are a lot of downsides to having a free theme, but with this particular one, I have to say it comes with my highest recommendation .Should you want one for yourself, simply click on the aThemes link in the left hand first Footer Section.

10 thoughts on “Hiero an awesome WordPress Theme &… Its Free!”

  1. Themes on ones site are some nice means to making your site stand out in many ways. Some sites are just plain without some specific theme features which one can use to mark it. I have seen some other sites who offer themes but they go for some really cool free. Knowing this Heiro doesn’t take a few for theirs would make anyone jump to it, and its features are very good for a free theme offer.

  2. Thanks for the awesome post!  WordPress can be so confusing sometimes, and I get why people would have some problems understanding it.  Do you suggest going the free route, or the premium route?  Do they have different customer service?  And does free have good customer service when you need help?

    • Thanks for commenting Jessie. In the main Free WordPress themes, come with little or no support, so people usually end up going premium

      Paid or premium themes come with a ton of support. However as this is a very simplistic blog I chose the free version, but have paid themes on other sites

      Cusotmer service for the free version is okay for what it is, there is usually a time delay, which is to be expected.

  3. As I recall, Hiero was the very first wordress theme I used to get my niche started.
    However, it was short-lived as I quickly switched to premium theme called i-Spirit.

    I am wondering, does Hiero as a free theme have a way to use your company logo?
    What about your sites icon?
    Usually this is the latter & the very part where most theme designers ask you to go premium.

    Could you use Hiero as an e-commerce store theme or is it meant strictly for blog-style websites only?

    • Henry,

      Yes you can use your company logo within the customiser section quite happily. I didn’t include this, because I don’t have a logo, but its a good point well presented.

      No you can use any blog, as far as I know as a ecommerce store, because you would need a woo commerce plugin

  4. Hello Dave, I must admit I’m impressed to see a free theme offer from this body. So many people spend quite a lot of money on some platform trying to create a theme on their site that matches their taste and in some situations, they don’t get the best features like this one mentioned here.  Currently I have a running theme for my site whose feature I’m pleased with. If I’m to change it i will go for this. Best regards

  5. Hi Dave, this is one of the best free themes available today. It’s nice to see a friend use this, so keep it up!

    I’d like to ask… 

    How did you customize the author box of this site of yours? I used to be a Hiero fan before switching to Divi, it’s a good theme except that I wasn’t able to customize that author box during those times. I tried exploring my dashboard and didn’t find that option to edit that author box. What I saw there during that time was the ability to change photo in the author box. 

    • Thanks for the nice compliment Gomer and to answer your question about the author box and to be very truthful, I have no idea, from memory I have looked in the support forum, but its not springing out at me, sorry.

      Like you I have Divi on another site of mine and its a close call between aThemes and Divi, as both are Awesome, but for a simplistic blog, Hiero is good


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