Hostgator Web hosting, Is It Award Winning… Facts You Need To Know

If you are looking at Hostgator


For Webhosting, but maybe aren’t quite sure, then this post will give you some facts that may help you.

It is based on personal experience use of the company and not just a review, for reviews sake : )

Hostgator was founded in 2002, in a similar way to Facebook as it happened, in a dorm room

It founder, Bret Oxley, was torn between two names, Hotgator or GatorHost. He chose the latter

As of February 1st, 2003, HostGator had 112 active customers.

one year later, On the same date,  there would be 1,031 active customers.

Over the last 17 years Hostgator has enjoyed a quite impressive rise, or at least it did when it was indpenddently owned

However in June 2012, it was Acquired by EIG, Endurance International Group, and since then, it appears to have suffered from some issues, is how best it can be described

EIG, also owns Bluehost, Constant Contact and SiteBuilder and Ipage to name but a few companies.

Hostgator claim to be the best WordPress host available and indeed, it was one of the reasons I switched from Bluehost to them, because having encountered problems with Bluehost, more of that in another post, I thought that Hostgator would be different.

The first issue you may encounter when signing up with them, is that they state they have a monthly hosting fee

They don’t, or at least didn’t when I was with them, it was a monthly fee, however you had to pay it up front for a year

So in this respect, they were the same as Bluehost.

They also claim to have exclusive WordPress training, which was one of the reasons I wanted to use them

WordPress is a minefield, so it needs to be learned so that you have at least a decent understanding of it

Lets be fair about it, if you are a marketer and working online, then a blog is the least you will need in marketing tools

However, when it came to locating their WordPress training, which was actually hidden, beneath several links

Well it left a lot to be desired, basic wouldn’t even describe it.So if that is what you are looking for then, be prepared

WordPress Installations

Hostgator claim that you can install a WordPress website in 1 click, which is in keeping with most companies that have cPanel

However, when my installation was finalised, following the instructions, there was absolutely no sign of my blog

Admin details certainly, but no blog, so that was a bit of a kicker

The Support were of little use in terms of actual help and solving the problem

Much like Bluehost, they placed the emphasis on you solving your problems

So from that perspective, if you have limited knowledge of WordPress, which unless you are WordPress guru

Is going to be pretty much most of the affiliate marketers on this plant, you ar slightly stuck

The support in this case was just so bad and frustratingly slow, you feel helpless.

In my case, I gave it 2 months of putting up with this, before deciding to cut my losses

Cancelling my contract, or monthly payment as I was on, but encouraged at every turn to pay yearly, or more was another stumbling block

You have to dig very deep into the bowels of the admin panel to cancel your payment

Even then, you are made to jump through hoops to do so

But, once you have, you feel relief that its done.

The experience, leaves you feeling battleworn slightly

In fact I would go so far as to say that once I was away from them, I didn’t want to try another hosting company at all

So for a breif period, I started using Google’s blogger, but when you are a professional blogger, you quickly find that blogger has limitaitons

So you start looking for alternatives and in my case I found an absolutely ideal solution

Which as you can see and especially if you are a professional blogger or even a writer, has everything you need to succeed

Compared to Bluehost and Hostgator, who were both fraught with problems

This has been an absolute walk in the park and currently I am in my second year with them

So in summary, Hostgator, web hosting, is it an award winner?… Well the last award the company won was back in 2016

You can draw your own conclusions from that


6 thoughts on “Hostgator Web hosting, Is It Award Winning… Facts You Need To Know”

  1. Hostgator sounds good at first glance. However, it pales in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate. Like you, I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be a walk in the park when it comes to training and getting your website up and running! It is easy to use and the training is the best around!

  2. Hi Dave. thanks for the post. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate as well and I am based in Maidstone Kent so not that far away. I have found the WordPress training On Wealthy Affiliate to be top notch and the hosting seems to be very stable. I had a couple of tiny issues early on which were of my own making and their 24/7 support quickly rectified my issues. I now host 3 premium sites with them and I must say that I have not had a problem. When I saw you post I thought I would put my personal experience across. I have also had difficulties in the past with of marketing programs and hosting packages that do not do what they say they do. I think that if you are new to this then there is no easier route than WA. Thanks gain Mark

    • Thanks Mark, its nice to know that problems we experienced are also the same for others, so its nice to know its not just you as it were.

  3. All I can say is Wow! 

    I too am currently using Wealthy Affiliate to host my blog and I couldn’t be happier! I actually ran across WA searching for WordPress training and support so the fact that their hosting services are top notch is an extra flashy perk for me. When I did have any issues, site support was lightning fast and super helpful in getting the problem sorted out, usually within minutes. 

    I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone searching for hosting services. 


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