Your WordPress Blog is your online office, your outlet to the world


So it needs to be up ‘live’ and ‘Public’ 24/7, 365 days of the year


That makes choosing the right host so important, especially with so many hosts out there


From personal experience of using WordPress since 2008, so 3 years after it started, and having used


BlueHost, Hostgator and finally Pure Leverage, which you can find out more about on my Reviews Page


None of which I use anymore, because my website had issues through their hosting, it is safe to say that your WordPress blog needs to be in the safest possible hands


So as a result of extensive research & evaluation of all the benefits,  of the hosts listed below


Dare to Compare. Best Managed  WordPress Hosting



I chose


This Company


For my hosting.


One of the biggest reasons being, that unlike a lot of other WordPress hosts, they use CloudHosting, instead of Normal WordPress hosting


Along with a comprehensive list of the reasons why.


One of those being Load speed, which is an important factor in your website getting ranked by google


As You will see from the image below, it’s another good reason why you would want to choose



It means that your website is always awake




Every website on the internet is at some stage, prone to a ‘hacking attempt, WordPress is no different in that respect


However, because of their state of the art security, these attempts, as you will see from the image below



Are blocked, well before they even strike, so you have total and complete peace of mind


So just going back to the Dare to Compare Chart below,


You can see why  hosting with


Wealthy Affiliate


Is by far and away the right choice, especially if you are a blogger


Websites hosted and built at Wealthy Affiliate, are proven to rank faster than with other hosts.