How Many Blog Posts Should You Write A Week…

How many blog posts

How many blog posts should you write a week. This is a question often asked by many bloggers, including would you believe some of the so called  top names in the business

Its a good question as well, because your blog, is, or should be an extension of you and your personality

Whats the answer?

Well, the answer is an open ended one, which breaks down to one basic main objective

Which is …

“What are you trying to achieve through your blog posts”

As an example, lets use two good examples

Mary the baker &

Joe the Pro

Lets start with Mary the Baker first. Mary loves to bake and spends as much time as she can baking cakes for her family and cooking for her loved ones

She gets a lot of pleasure out of doing this.

Then her neice says

“Aunty Mary, your cooking and baking is so good, why don’t you share your receipies with others on a blog”

Mary thinks about this a while and decides to start her own blog. To begin with she puts a lot of her recipies on the blog for others to read about and to try.

But after a while, she returns to her first love of the practical stuff and updates her blog, perhaps once a week

Joe the Pro on the other hand is a man who absolutely loves to write, he simply likes to document everything he does.

He is a technology buff and when he finds a gadget or software to make peoples life easier, he likes to write anout it on his blog

Now Joe has been writing for years and so has become quite the expert at how to write. His blogs are liked by the search engines

But, what Joes has learned over the years is this.

Instead of getting an idea and blidnly writing about it on his blog, then waiting for it to be indexed in the search engines

Now, he takes time to craft his posts. he gets an idea, then researches it, then starts writing a draft of the peice, using Google Documents. he then adds images into it and the various links he knows that the search engines will like

Once all that is done and with laser focus on it, which is usually done by spending a whole day doing it he then adds his post to hs blog

A few hours later, because the peice is search engine friendly it is ranked and Google lets him know this.

Then Joe decides to publish and promote his post, through his various social media channels, such as his

Facebook Page





He also does a promotional video for the post on YouTube

Now Joe, unlike Mary, then decides to wash rinse and repeat that Process every other day.

So he publishes 3 quality posts a week each time sticking to the formula he has developed and that he knows works

Because he is publishing and promoting his posts 3 times a week and has done so, for a consistent period of time

He has built up a very nice following of people. All of them hanging on his every written word

Some of them have turned into customers and brough from him, through his website

They have done this because they have grown to know him, like his posts and they trust him because they know he produces quality content 

So the answer to the question is not how many blog posts whould you write a week

its more a case of how many quality blog posts should your write

Dependent on your level of writing and researching, it might be 1 a week, or if you are at Joe The Pro;s level, then it could be 3 times a week

The overall, deciding factor will be the quality of the post you plan to write

That is what will open the doors for you.

4 thoughts on “How Many Blog Posts Should You Write A Week…”

  1. I’m definitely in the camp “quality versus” quantity. I don’t understand how some people can blog seven times a week all year long. Surely it has to take it’s toll on quality.

    On the other hand, there are people only posting once or twice a month. Even if their posts are quality, people want regular updates and like to read new blogs on same days every week.

    Around 3 blog posts per week is a great compromise, i think – and as you concluded also. It gives time to research, write, doublecheck and be sure that you are putting out quality content.

  2. Dave, I like this post and you are right – it depends on what the blog author really wants out of his/her blog. Mary is having fun and Joe is serious. Nice looking site you have here. -Shirley

    • Thanks for your comment Shirley glad you like the post and the site.Its the theme that makes the training at Wealthy Affiliate Easier to operate.

      On a flip site, did you get your free marketing report? if not you can by entering the details to the top right


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