How to add a pin to Pinterest

This post explains How to add a Pin to Pinterest ( below)

First, you have to be logged into your account and be in the dashboard area of your account. There you will see in the bottom right hand corner ( and you may have to scroll down to see it) a + Sign

Click on the plus sign. this will present you with 3 options

You want to choose the option that says get our browser button, which when clicked shows the page below

Click where the arrow in the image above is pointing too, this will then take you to the Google chrome store and ask you to add the Pinterest Button icon to your Google Toolbar, when you do it will look like the picture below

Where the P icon sits in your own toolbar obviously depends on how man extensions you have on your own toolbar.

Once that is done

How you actually add a pin to Pinterest couldnt be any esaier.

When you find an image you want to Pin you click your mouse on the P icon on your toolbar

Then you click the image you want to save to one of your boards, When you do this a SAVE icon appears and you click on it, which then takes you to your pinterest account and asks you which board yo want to save the Pin Too

Select the right board and Your Pin gets saved

Thats how you save a Pin To Pinterest

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