How to build a list of email subscribers

How to build a list of email subscribers

There is a saying in the online marketing world “The money is in the list”

To be more accurate, the saying should be “the money is in your list”


Because without a list of your own, then you point-blank won’t make any serious or significant income online.Period

So how do you build a list of email subscribers?

The answer is very simple. You need to use an autoresponder service first of, such as


Get Response


or TrafficWave

All the above providers work effectively with and integrate with the wordpress platform

Get Response for example, even provide landing pages that you can use to attract your subscribers.


It takes time

To build up a list of your own subscribers, but if you are providing good information to them through a blog like this for example & they like what they read, then the chances are, they will subscribe to get more information.

But it’s from your list that you will earn money. How much is dependent on the size of your list

For example, with affiliate marketing, there are two types. Low ticket and high Ticket!

Let’s look at

Low Ticket

First. Low ticket means that you join company A and they will pay you a commission for promoting their products. That commission might be around $30 and is usually a one off payment. They will have other products that they market to the clients you bring them, but you will only ever get the $30 for your one off sale.

So to earn a decent income from this type of venture, you need to have literally thousands of prospects on your list meaning you would need to make hundreds of sales to earn a decent income. Make Sense?

But with

High Ticket

This means that you would still receive the one of $30 commission payments, for promoting to your list of subscribers, but for every up sell your subscribers take from your promotion, you would then receive a higher commission

For example. You sell prospect A $50 membership, for which you get paid $30 in commission

Prospect A then gets up sold a further course on how to take the next step in building his business. That course costs $2,500, for which you would receive a commission of $1,275 imagine that being repeated a few times over

And by the way, there would be a further 4 courses, each of which is needed to grow the prospects business and the top course costs $60,000 for which you would be paid a $30,000 commission for each sale that was made

That’s more than some people earn in a year

Compared to the low ticket Venture, where you would need to have thousands of subscribers to earn that same commission. With the High Ticket one, you would only need to have a few select people to earn the same money.

Admittedly it’s a long-winded way to explain the point of “the money is in your list” but you get the point and the idea


Which would you prefer?

So that explains “The Money is in your list”

Let’s look at


How do you build a list of email subscribers

This bit is very easy. You need to use a certain type of page called either a landing page or a squeeze page

A Landing page looks like this and a squeeze page is very similar







They both do the same thing. As you see, this one provides a free video, in exchange for your email address and details.

Another way of building you list is by adding a widget to your blog, which is linked to your autoresponder

This is very simple to do

First you need to go into the members’ area of your wordpress blog and click on the appearance tab

From there you choose the Custom HTML widget as shown below

From there, you click on the tab and select the optin you want to position the widget. In this case it’s going on the right sidebar as you will see below



This then means that subscribers can be added to your autoresponder list

That’s how you build a list of email subscribers

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