How To Drive Traffic From Quora

This post explains and shows you how to drive traffic fromĀ Quora

The video below, shows you how to drive traffic

So, why would you want to use Quora to Drive traffic to your blog.

Quora is a question and answer Social Network, on which you can answer any question you like.

Now by looking at questions, which are keyword related, connected with your niche, you will see that you have already answered the question on your blog

So, what you do is this. First you read any other answers that are there.If you agree with those answers, click upvote first

Doing this, sends the previous responder a notification you have upvoted their question, so they ideally will look at your profile

Then you add your answer, by explaining that you have answered this question in depth on your blog and post x refers

You can add your Blog link, to the question box by clicking the word add, then inserting your tracking link

As long as you are not copying and pasting and spamming the answers then quora will be happy. You then get lots of traffic to your blog or website.

So thats how you drive traffic from Quora to Your website

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