How To Use Google Circles For Business

This post explains how to use Google Circles for business.

Now don’t worry if your wondering what a circle is, what it does and how it works, they are very simple to understand and use.

All will be explained in this post for and … ideally in laymans, or womans terms!!

The main thing to remember is this, Google is the Worlds largest Technology platform and so, it is their to help you with your business


Are simply a way of way of organising, your work contacts and or connections into handy ‘circles’ of influence, possibly even organisation if you prefer

Circles are used in much the same way as you can seperate your connections on Linkedin, if that makes it easier to relate to.

You can have a circle for absolutely anything you have an interest in, or business connection to.

Circles are created, either from within Google itself using the search bar, or the community tab, more on that in a moment, or indeed by inviting your Linked in connections to follow you on Google+

So, How do you use Circles?

Well, there are different ways in which to use Google Circles, but what you have to bear in mind, is this. Google owns Google+…. So absolutely every interaction you have on and in Circles, will be indexed, because google will index content from its own platform/s first, before the likes of othe rsocial media platforms

So, when you are part of a circle, whether its your own, or one you have joined. You can take part, by joining in discussions, sharing your blog link, and this includes your blogger link, because Google owns Blogger : )

You have to be very careful however with the sharing of ‘raw’ affiliate links because Google doesn’t like them

What is a Raw Affiliate Link?… Well this is an example of a raw affiliate link

So you would need to turn the raw link into a pretty link and you can read about that on this page

Circles are also great ways of finding out new things, and they won’t just be about Google and with each interaction in a circle, you will see a comment box, like the one below

Most of the time they are set to public, as shown, however, when you click on the Public icon, you are presented with a drop down box, as shown below

You will see, that the Public box is automatically ticked, but if you have a post or link, that you don’t want made public, then you can select the option which best fits, bearing in mind what has been said about affiliate links

It should be noted that if you do post a raw affiliate link, then google will email you and advise you that your content has been removed, because it violates their terms and condtions

So as Google likes content, and you want to be found by the search engines, then it might be best to stick with posting good content, and posting it as public

Using Google circles you can network with other likeminded individuals, by commenting on their posts, or at least the posts that resonate with you the most.

Doing this, shows google, that you are an active contributor on their platform and they willrank you accordingly. All of which obviously helps you, your blog and the rankings you get

So a total win win situation

And that is how you use Circles with Google+

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How cool is that

22 thoughts on “How To Use Google Circles For Business”

  1. Great post Dave this is the first time am hearing about Google circles. I love how you did your explaining about it. It gave me an insight to what it is all about. But I have one question, is what I share on Circles valuable to people who click through to my sites?

    • Absolutely it is. As you will have read, Google loves Authorship and engagement, for which circles is key to that. So, by posts, with link, they can click through to your website and get even more value and content.

  2. I have often heard about people improving their business using Google, but I never really understood how. Now that I have read though your explanation of Google Circles, I can see the value of working with other like minded people. I think I will give Google Circles a try. Thank you for the knowledge!

    • Clay, your welcome and thanks for commenting, I appreciate it. Everyone gets hung on Facebook, which is great for backlinking, BUT as you say, Google is the Worlds Largest search engine, which works for you and every action taken on their, content wise is indexed, because it likes authorship and authority. Authority in the form of specialist knowledge… EG Blogs

      Once you start building it, you will be amazed at what doors open

      And where does everything start?… Keyword searching!

  3. Hi Dave Hayes, I enjoyed the post on “Google Circles.” I think this will help me quite a bit. I need a little more info on how to link it with “linked in.” Very good article and one I intend to pursue further. Thanks! Any info you could send a newbie would be appreciated. I’m still learning the basics.

    • Thanks for your comment, glad you found it useful.Linking Google Circles with Linkedin is pretty easy and you can do this from your own blog and in your G+ profile.

      I am in the process of doing a training site on this as we speak : ) 

  4. Thanks for the great info Dave!
    I have not yet started using circles as much as I probably should, but I do look forward to doing so as I can see the many benefits in utilizing circles.
    You have given me great and useful information about using circles! I look forward to reading more from you!

    • Lakesha, thanks for the comment. I see you have a gmail account already which is great.

      To get started with circles, you simply need to join some communities, that you have interests in and go from there really, its not more complicated than that : )

  5. Hi Dave, you mention that google indexes its own sites first which makes sense. What I’m wondering is this…

    Once I have published content should I share straight to google plus before other social media. For some reason I struggle with google+. I guess its because ive always used facebook.

    Anyway, will google follow my link from google+ and give my content some juice? Plus, having raw affiliate links in my content wont impact my site if shared on google+ as you said google don’t like them or do you mean just putting raw links in to google+

    • Steve,

      Thanks for commenting, and to answer your question from the benefit of my experience, I always publish straight To google+ first then I do fetch and render, so it makes sure the link is going to get seen

      Most people struggle with Google+ because most of us have been conditioned to use Facebook, A because its there and B, those recommending facebook, have from my experiences of talking with them, really no idea on how to market properly and so revert to ‘safety’ as it were

      Fellow non facebookers I know, have earned a significiant amount of money, from building their lists through other non social media platforms

      Google will always give good weight to content that it sees as valuable and relevant for sure. I don’t put raw links in my content ,I use pretty links or the linker in the wordpress editor, so it gets under the radar so to speak

  6. Thanks for the info on Google circles, most interesting!

    As an online business owner myself, I’m always looking for fresh ideas to promote my offers and anything that gets you picked up on Google has to be good. I never really got much success with FB ads and the cost is prohibitively high these days in any case, so I’ll definitely be giving this a go.

    Good advice on links as well, I’ll make sure to be careful on that one…

    • Les, 

      thanks for your comment, I appreciate you taking the time to do so and for the reasons you highlight is one of the main reasons I use Google & YouTube

      To give you an example of how powerful they are, in relation to facebook, I have noticed more and more from my analytify plugin, that where faebook was initially giving me SOME traffic, the majority of it now, search engine wise comes from Google, then YouTube, with facebook well down the list.

      You rightly point out that facebok ads are pretty expensive which is why I use some alternative NON Seo advertising, which works much better in my eyes and gives me opt ins for my list on a daily basis

      Glad you liked the article

  7. Thanks for the information on using Google Circles. I have not mad use of Circles up till now. I will have to pay closer attention to these Circles and how I can make more use of them in connecting with my various interests. Good point regarding posting as ‘Public’ for business, though one could argue that as your Google network grows you may want to target your Google posts to more specialised cirlcles. How do you feel about that?

    • Paul, thanks for the comment on Google circles, like you, until I started looking more closely at them, didn’t realise how powerful they were.

      Plus good content put on Google plus, stands a good chance of being seen in the Google feed that appears on Googles home page, as long as the content is applicable and that content gets seen on tablets and mobiles constantly : ) 

      As you rightly point out, you can actually specifically target the circles you want

      In fact, as an aside to this, but to illustrate the point, the autoresponder I use, has some significant and very good training attached to it, about this

  8. Hello Dave and thank you for the helpful article!

    I was really wondering if Google+ has any value to add when it has very low volume of usage compared to Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and other Social Platforms. Especially that almost no one of my friends is active there!

    Now with the explanation of Google Circle, I can see how to use it. But when it comes to Affiliate Links, even when we use PrettyLinks, do you select the option of “nofollow” from the plugin settings? Because if you don’t it will work as if it is a normal raw link.

    Looking forward for your advice!


    • Amjad, thanks for the comments anout Google+.

      To answer your question as to the value it has, that is simple, it has loads, because google loves content, however, those who use the platform, in short have no real idea as to how powerful it is, or How to use it

      This is because, over time, like most things we have become ‘conditioned to using facebook, well most people have, when in fact there is no real value in most of the content that is published on facebook

      Glad the explanation helped you and yes I do select the option of no follow in the plugin settings, if that helps

  9. I love this article, never knew about Google Circles until now, and it seems to be something you really can’t miss/essential. About the raw links, I totally agree, I wondet if people would click on them anyway, would you? 

    Now, how long you have been using Google Circles? 

    I will certainly try this out, since you gave me something very good I can use!

    • Emmanuel,

      Thanks for commenting, I appreciate you doing so my friend.

      To answer about Raw Clicks, I wouldn’t now, but I have been doing this a long time and raw clicks usually indicated people don’t understand how to market correctly.

      What I would do is contact them and give some ‘nice’ advice designed to get them on to my list,where they will get properly educated

      I have been using Google Circles for quite some time and in all honesty, prefer them to Facebook

      Again though Google likes its own platform, and so what you do on Google perse, as long as its good content stands a good chance of getting indexed

      Glad to be of help

  10. Hi Dave,

    I just started using Google+ recently to promote my blog and I have found that it has helped me tremendously in getting traffic. I currently have almost 1,000 people in my circles. What I have noticed though is that sometimes when I share my posts to “public” I get likes/comments from those who doesn’t seem to be within my circles at all, so when I share my posts do they get seen by people outside my circle as well?

    • Kent, thanks for commenting about this and your experience shows exactly why Google circles are so ppowerful, excellent news


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