How to work online and make money. In 3 easy Steps

How to work online and make money

Working online is fast becoming the new way to absolutely guarantee your future security

Its done by working in a sector called affiliate marketing

However, if you haven’t heard of the term and think it sounds foreign or like something weird… Fear not!

Affiliate Marketing is something well all do and use every single day, in real life

For example, the place you shop, like walmart or tesco

The products they sell and you use, such as their own brand or Heinz

The football team you support, the mobile phone or tablet you use

These are all examples of affiliate marketing. If these companies didn’t market, you wouldn’t affiliate with them

Online marketing

Is absolutely no different to the above…. but it does have one major difference

That is… You get paid for affiliating (working) with a company whose products or services you like and believe in

Depending on the type of company and / or product depends on the level of commission you receive


How do you work online and make money?

The most important thing to remember here is that every product you like, needs to be marketed / promoted to an end user

Now that might sound blatantly obvious to you, but there are some people who have no idea how this is done

Many people who want to market online, think that the internet has some sort of magic button

That is to say, they only have to turn their computer on and… their bank accounts will fill with money!

If only ~ There would be an awful lot of millionaires in the world

You need to promote across the Internet

To do that, you need a system, preferably a turnkey one, which works when you don’t, that provides you with landing pages and squeeze pages, which you can read about elsewhere on this blog, that will have an offer for your reader to subscribe to

That system, will also provide a list of places that you can promote to, places that will be full of the type of people you are looking to attract to buy your offer

Online advertising, consists of driving traffic, specifically targeted traffic to your offer and breaks down into the following part

Your own Network of contacts. Those who are interested in what you have that is, not those you drink with!!


Video marketing

Display or banner ads

ViralMailers also known as safe lists

Traffic Exchanges

These resources need to be used on a daily basis, for at least a couple of hours a day, so that you generate enough traffic to generate optins and sign ups for your offer.

Doing none of the Above

means that you won’t get any prospects and even less income!

So How much promotion do you need to do

This is a question often asked by many marketers, because a lot of online marketers usually still have jobs they are doing

So the best answer is this. If you work part-time and you want to start your own online venture then you need to treat it as another part-time job initially. So you would be looking to work for at least 4 hours a day on the days you can spare

That work would be all on the promotion methods described above, so you build your list to promote your offers to

If you are full time online, then obviously you have a minimum of 8 hours you can work.

But that is a summary of How you work online and make money


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