Internet marketing tracking

Internet Marketing Tracking

One of the most important things you need to do when marketing on the Internet is to track your results.

Tracking your links, will show you

Which pages work best giving you optins

Which places work best to produce those optins

Now by the last one I mean the places that produce optins as opposed to the places you like

For example lets use


to illustrate the point.
There are over 1 billion active users on facebook, but its also a very distracting social network, where you can easily waste several hours on non productivity

Now compare that with using a safelist or viral mailer which has thousands of potential prospects, that you can mail to 3 times a week taking only a few minutes to mail your message

Unless you were using tracking, you would not know which of the above 2 worked best and potentially could waste a lot of time using facebook when your focus should have been on the viral mailers which were productive

Tracking also tells you which

Landing or Squeeze Page/s

Work best and again work in similar principle to the tracking links

For example you might get told by the company you are promoting that their top converting landing page works really well, however you prefer another one because it looks better, for many different reasons

You decide to split test them and find that actually the page company X advised was best… Was!

Bearing in Mind that Internet or online marketing is all about building a business and list of your own you can perhaps see why tracking is so important and vital to your Internet Marketing efforts


Using tracking means that you can plan your day, and work for a few hours productively, instead of hit and hope advertising. Yet despite all this you would not believe how many people still don’t use it


Where do you find an Internet Tracker

There are lots of internet trackers available for free, some examples which spring to mind are



The above two are okay as free trackers, but all they do is track where your traffic is coming from

So bearing in mind that you are running an online business and one that you want to be profitable, you need a tracker which is going to do a bit more than just show you where the traffic is coming from

You need to exactly which advertising resource and landing page give you the opt in/s

Until it stopped, I was using and promoting extensively a tracker called vitalviralpro ( sadly it no longer exists, I now use a brilliant tracker which comes from


This tracker has my own name, and tells me, exactly where my traffic is coming from, so that my working time online is kept to an absolute optimum and is maximized superbly

You can find out more about the Worldprofit system by

Clicking Here
So that in summary is why you need to track your results online






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