Is 1k Daily Profit a Scam?

If you have heard of 1K Daily Profit, or are considering looking at it, as my wife was, then this review should give you some further information for you to make your own mind up

There have been some rave reviews about it in recent weeks, with some almost too good to be true claims

So lets take a closer look at 1K Daily Profit ( seen below )

The home page above looks fairly convincing and my wife came across it while searching for platforms that were not rleated to Binary Options, and this popped up

Now this review is based on our own experience of research of the platform.

There is no where to actually get any information on what its about, unless you subscribe, you also need to include a mobile number, but as the text on the website says all you have to do is enter your best email, to create a free account and thats it.

Further down the page on the home page, there are some testimonials from supposed ‘members’ which as you will see below

Look fairly genuine, I mean the ones on the left hand side, look to have been taken from a facebook wall comment thread and it is hard to fake those I guess, I mean Facebook being a PLC website listed on the NYSE( New York Stock Exchange) has to be white than white doesn’t it

That said, I popped in my email address and instantly got taken to a screen which gave me the option to try a demo or Fund my account

(By the way I should have said, that before doing this  we listened to the very short audio / video, which explains why 1K Daily Profit is a must join)

Faced with a a screen (below)  asking to try the demo or fund, we decided to try the demo account first of all

Doing this gave me ( on our behalf) an instant account with a ‘digitial’ balance of $1, 500 in it… Very nice too!!

You can see the $1500 shown in green, plus the fact the they are saying to start demo switch on auto trade at 1 & 2

As were asking “What happens next”  the screen in front of us started putting trades up and doing its thing, all apparently on autopilot

In line with the website claims that the win rate was 99.8% for trades, we watched as our digitial balance won the first 2, lost a couple, then won a shed load more, with our digitial balance increasing before our eyes from $1500 to a very healthy $4000 and a ‘profit’ of $2500


Now in the interests of transparency, I found some details for my 1K Daily Profit account in my spam folder and so I went through the entire process described above again, but so you can follow it


We also got notiifed that we had ‘won’ as you will see below



Our winnings were as you can see below. we made a profit of $725 and our total balance was $2,150


At this point the trading demo stopped and gave us the option to either carry on, or to fund our account

We carried on with another few trades and as you are watching your ‘digital’ balance increase before your eyes, you find yourself thinking of all the things you can do with the money ( that you haven’t yet got!)

Her Job had been binned, a new office space was being hired for her work with feet

Pensions were being thrown away and holidays planned, all with a licking of the lips quite literally

Then we decided to stop and find out a little more about this potential cash cow on my lap, which was earning a huge amount of money, while we did nothing … Literally!

On further investigation. we decided to google reviews on it, to include video reviews

Up popped a page full of them, including one linked to TrustPilot 

As a review writer, I place a fair bit of store on sites like TrustPilot and so said to my wife

“Hey. lets look at the trust pilot reviews, that should give us a fairly clear overview of it”


We Clicked the Link and sure enough, there were over 29 of them… Brilliant, 29 reviews, lets see what they say

Then the reality clock set in and very hard too


All 29 of them said the same thing, or rather screamed the same thing

SCAM!! ~ Don’t Touch it!!!!!!

Most of them also said that Withdrawals were hard to obtain and in a lot of cases, people had to actually employ specialists to get their winnings

Interestingly enough, all of them said that they got hammered with phone calls from brokers using heavy tactics to get you to invest, and at the time of testing, I hadn’t had this…

…However, the following day it changed, when i was continuously rung at 2 minute intervals for a period of about 10 mintes in two seperate spells. It was enough for me to blacklist the number


On further research for this article, I read the Terms & Condtions, which is a good usual starting point with any opportunity you are presented with and in the 1K Daily Profit T&Cs;, shown below, the relevant section is highlighted

Which really says it all to be fair. What are they so afraid of, you’d think they would love a good bit of free advertising!

So my conclusion is this in relation to to 1k Daily Profit, is this… If you are prepared to potentially lose $250 then by all means give it a crack, however …

There are no such things as get rich quick schemes online.The closest thing you will get to earning a seriously significant amount of money is through Forex and by choosing a reputed broker or company

My advice is this with regard to that, if you follow a sporting team or similar and they are partnered with one of these companies then start there, because they will have been vetted on your beahlf by the club and will be deemed to be trustworthy enough to use.

However, if it is long term money that you are after and one that will teach you to fish, then the banner below, is my #1 recommendation

25 thoughts on “Is 1k Daily Profit a Scam?”

  1. Thanks Dave. Funny enough I’ve never earned a dime online before, and I’ve spent a lot. I’ve seen reviews on 1k daily profits, non is much as explainable as this article. I think I need to bookmark this page. I’m willing to give 1k daily profit a trial. Hopefully I will finally get it right this time.

    • Thanks for commenting and to clarify the article is not endorsing 1K Daily Profit as a goer, but rather one to avoid.

      Since writing the wrticle I also researched further on YouTube and there are videos all along the same lines as “Its a scam”

  2. You have said it all in this article. Have experience many like that and I lost my hard earn money on scam

    all those  time I want to make it quick online by investing in the scam project thinking am making the right decision 

    i later discovered they are scam when I want to withdraw my money from those platform

    thanks to wealthafiliate.have been able to learn new way to make money online in a unique way.

  3. This is what a lot of people face on a regular basis. They get an email to gain access to these so-called softwares and then they are given false hope on how they can make money by doing absolutely nothing. They sign up and worse of all pay to be able to gain access only to find out that it was not what they really thought it was only to end up losing their hard earned money.

    A lot of people have fallen for such scams and only those experienced that would know how to spot them and avoid them. These programs normally like to have a scheme underneath what they are offering and in this case, it was both to get people to purchase the software and to have access to their phone numbers.

    We need to be careful in the future so we do not fall victims to these scams.

  4. Hi Dave Hayes,

    After reading your review, I have same opinion and agreed with you that this site is not perfect choice for us. There is no guarantee of not losing our investment. I have also heard about this program by getting some automated mail to my in box. I totally dislike this type of sites which hides real activity and results and cheat many people by fake testimonial. I believe your article will be helpful for many newbies who are unaware of this issue. Thanks for sharing this helpful review.

  5. Reviews like these are gold dust. It just highlights yet again that you have to research thoroughly and then research some more before you invest any money in schemes such as this. There are far too many of them, so the more they get exposed,a s you have done, the better. But, unfortunately, people keep falling for the hype and so they will keep coming!

  6. Lots of hyped platforms that tell people to invest, they promise to reward without labour. No hard feelings, the affiliate marketing industry is rocked with fakers and scammers too. There insanity all over the internet, I am glad that your wife did not invest into it, she would have lost $250 just like that.Wealthy Affiliate is legit and genuine, but lots of people don’t want to put in efforts to become wealthy. They want to gamble and scammers ride on their greed.

  7. Hi Dave, Thanks for your review, I came across this same site yesterday and I wanted to go ahead and invest… As a smart guy, I decided to ask google for some reviews and when the searches came up, lo and behold all reviews concerning the site was scam, and today I came across your review as well. It’s obvious they are scam and want to rip of people of their hard earned money…

    • Yes I would steer well clear of it personally. I always say the only time I would try something like this is 

      A) if my football team partnered with a reputable company or 

      B) I had a miilion pounds and didn’t mind losing $250 to try it

      Outside of that, I steer well clear

  8. The trick for me is always in the title – a title like ‘1K Daily Profit’ only spells out one thing to me…

    Dodgy, dodgy, dodgy. 

    Unfortunately people who are desperate to earn money will always go for this sort of thing, as the bright lights promise of large returns could solve all of their problems. 

    Thanks for bringing it to the public’s attention! 

  9. Hi,

     Thank you very much for sharing with us such an important blog. If I did not read this blog I can not find the details about DAILY PROFIT. This blog will be very helpful who want to be aware of. The most important thing I just learn from here is if it is long term money that we are after and one that will teach us to fish, then the banner below, is #1 recommendation. I will definitely share this blog with my friends.

  10. Hello Dave, I loved reading this review on 1k daily profit. I have seen similar product with same shady tactics who try to convince people they can make money “automatically” without doing a thing. 

    I loved your dreams too :), spent with all the money you could have gotten from your demo account.  thanks fr exposing another scam online. 

  11. Thank you Dave, for this review and your pictures help explain it clearly. I have never heard of the 1k daily program, looking at their home page there is some kind of need for urgency. Now, that is already a red flag! That was a brilliant decision you and your wife took going to trust pilot to find out about it. 

  12. Hey Mira,

    Thanks for commenting, I have no idea how my wife came across it, but it popped up in her email inbox one day and then she asked me to look at it, hence the review

    I haven’t heard of 4x Trade Copier before so not able to offer any advice on it sadly

    Thanks for bookmarking

  13. Hey!

    I have read a lot of different types of “get rich fast” posts from internet and most of them are scams. I haven’t heard about this one before, but thank you for letting us know about this one! Can I ask you how did your wife found this 1K daily profit website?  

    Your blog is really interesting and giving so much new information so I’ll bookmark your blog. Thanks for sharing this!

    • I’m not sure how she found it or if it was send through via an email, as she signs up for a lot of sites, she has an interest in Trading and it may have been through that.

      Thanks for commenting though


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