Is My Email Mentor A Scam Or Legit …

If you are currently looking at, or been invite to look at My Email Mentor and are wondering if its a scam or legitimate and will you really earn money from it, then you are in the right place, as this review will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision

First of all, My Email Mentor

is not new and has been doing the rounds, with the alleged front man Bobby explaining via his video, how you can make a fortune from simply sending emails out through is system

Email Mentor, first hit the internet scene around 2015, but its thought to have had several different guises before then as well

How Does It Work?

The concept sounds very simple and straight forward. You join email mentor and have to set up and account with ClickBetter so that you can both get started and receive your anticpated comissions

Once you have done this, you are then required to download a series of email addresses, of people who would be interest in either this or similar ventures, but,  which in truth could be anyone emails addresses

Having done this, and sent out your emails, you are then advised that with others joining under you and from you sending out your emails, that potentially you can be earning around $700 per month… Yep potentially you can earn around $700 per month. If more people join underneath you, then you can earn from them as well

All of this, for doing only around 10 minutes work, this is done once a week, yes that’s right once a week

We were also advised that we would earn money from people underneath us, doing the same as us

So with this in mind and seeing as how it was a convenient opportunity to become affiliated to, myself and my wife decided that it was worth ‘risking’ $47 to see how the venture fared, this was around 2017

We followed the instructions to the letter, exactly as the video told us to do

We set up our account with ClickBetter, to receive our payments

Month 1 …

No Payments received!

Bit odd this, as we have and did follow the instructions . We checked the people underneath us and, yes we were getting paid for their clicks, but it was nothing like the $700 per month, the reality was it was a few cents earned from them

So… My wife searced on Facebook for a group or something where we could ask questions.

Sure enough we found a myemailmentor group had been set up …

Thank god we said, it is legitimiate after all!

However, a quick scan through the thread, proved that the opposite was in fact true

There were literally dozens of all people, very similar to us, all asking the same question we were

“When are we going to get paid”

From Following the thread, it seemed as if it was not just us, but tons of people had set up accounts with Click Better and none had been paid

A lot of folks had actually tried emailing the supposed support email address and not even got a reply

We were one of the ones that did that too and like others we never even got a reply

It appeared, that it was nothing but one big ponzi scheme, if you are not familiar with that term, it effectively means that you pay money and get nothing in return, absolutely zilch, nada and nothing

We email for 3 successive months, without even the courtesy of a reply or any form of contact

Now, if the idea of this was to wear people down, so they got frustrated and gave up any hope of getting any money back, then it has to be said… It worked very well.

We decided to cut our losses and put it down to experience

Then… Without Warning

Totally out of the blue, myself and my wife looked at our credit card statement one day and unbelieveably, there was a refund of

$47 …

From Click Better. That was it, no email follow up, explanation or anything.

From looking at the Facebook thread, it appears we were one of the lucky ones, as not many people got anything back.

After this, the opportunity went very quiet and virtually disappeared… Until Now!!

So to see it doing the round again is very disappointing

From a personal point of view, it comes with a very red flag to not touch it, there are plenty of good, legitimate ways to earn money online, some of them are even reviewed on this blog, as well as my #1 recommendation which you can read about further

But certainly as far as My Email Mentor Goes, then it gets my unreserved rating as a Ponzi Scam

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