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This is a review of Leadsleap, the online advertising platform.

If you are looking for a way to increase the leads for your business, then this post will be of interest to you

Owned By Kenneth Loh

Cost Free and Pro version $27 per month

Established: 2008

What is it: An online advertising platform traffic exchange

How Does It Work

It is free to join and you can make money simply by viewing 10 ads daily.

For each ad you view you receive a credit, albeit not much of a credit, but a credit none the less

The way site is structured and set up means that unlike other online traffic exchanges, you don’t have to surf for hours

It has a number of very important features built into the system

They are

Real Tracker

Link Rotator

Review System

Lets look at how each one works first of all.

The Real Tracker

As every online marketer knows or should know, the only way you know what works online is by tracking it

Leadsleap’s real tracker, does as the name suggests and tracks real clicks to your link/s.

Inside the member’s area, you will find the real tracker on the left hand side

What you then do is insert the URL that you want to track in the bar where the red arrow is pointing

That then creates a short tracker URL, which you can see below


The arrow, shows where the stats for this tracker can be found and as you see from the picture below

The top part shows the actual sources where your ad is being shown. The sources in this instance are safe lists and viral mailers, because that is what internet marketing is… Direct Response Marketing





The Unique button above shows how many people have clicked on the link more than once.

The real button shows how many of the clicks were actual people and not bots

Bots are software that people use, when they want to short cut their marketing.

Below that you will see the countries that your ad has been shown in

As you can see, it has been seen right the way across the world.

From your point of view as a marketer, the response tab seen above

Shows when you have achieved a sign up for your opportunity.

Another major benefit of using the Real Tracker for tracking

is that it also earns you surfing money, because for the length of time your ad is being viewed. You earn.

Link Rotator

When you are promoting your links and have a lot of them, sometimes it is easier to use a Link Rotator

As the name suggests a Link Rotator, rotates the links you want to advertise so that each gets a good amount of exposure

As with the link tracker this can be found on the left hand menu

In this example you will see 3 Link Rotators

You can call then what you want, and they work in the same way as the Real Tracker described above

You can view stats for any 7 day period.

That covered, lets now move on to the


This is a very powerful feature that allows you to write a short concise review of the affiliate venture or business you are with

You can write a review by going to the left hand side bar and clicking on the tab shown below

The good thing about writing a review on Leadsleap, is because along with the other reviews, they get featured in the dashboard area on a rotational basis, so that everyone logging in, will at some stage see your review, as you can see above

Plus of course you will be getting paid for it, both as a free and paid member.

Why its called Leadsleap

The reason the platform is called Leadsleap is this …

Leads… Leap out at you and you get opt ins and new customers from the ads you place

As a free member you can place 3 ads

As a Pro Member you can place 10 ads

Your only requirement daily, for both free and paid member’s is to view 10 ads

Your dashboard will show this as you see from the picture below

A big difference between the free and the paid membership is this

As a paid member you would receive spill over down 10 levels and get paid on them too



The commissions you can earn with leadsleap, are quite significant.

For example my overall commissions have been $356.40

At first glance, when looking at the compensation plan, it doesn’t look like

But, when the compensation plan is looked at and viewed in more depth, it pays very well

Free members, get 25% of Pro Member payments

Pro Members get 50% of Pro Member Payments

You can view the commissions pending in the members area, shown below

Commissions are easily with drawable, once you have a minimum of $10 Dollars 

They are paid through to paypal, and from there to your bank, within a couple of hours

It is very possible to earn commission payments down 10 levels 

This can amount to several thousand dollars in commission.



Every business owner needs advertising. Leadsleap provides it in abundance

Affordable cost for Pro member’s and it helps to build your list very quickly

It is a definite alternative to Adsense

Earnings potential is untapped as long as you promote the platform, on a blog, using the widget provided

You can see an example of the Widget on the right hand side bar of this blog

Leadsleap comes with my highest recommendation for sure

14 thoughts on “Leadsleap Make Money Online”

  1. Hi! I am searching for good tools to increase my earnings online. I read about Leadsleap Make Money and decided to research a bit more about it. I’ll definitely give this platform a try. Specially since we can join as free members and still place 3 ads. Thank you very much for this review.

  2. Hallo there Dave, 

    I have been doing marketing for a good while now and my colleagues told me about the great opportunity with leadsleap and thought I should look into it.

    I see the features are top notch especially the link rotator, that was my favorite for more exposure.

    My question is, since there is a free and paid membership, do both accounts get to have all the features or there are some limitations with the free account. I would like to know this so as to make a decision on which account to go for as a start.

    I saw you said the only difference is in the ads you can place and the down levels for the paid but I didn’t quite the part on the features.

    Looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance.

    • Dave, thanks for commenting I appreciate it and you are correct, there are limitations with the free membership which can be viewed on the compare memberships inside Leadsleap.

      Pro is most definiately better from a commission point of view.

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I make money online and do a business online.And I’ve been looking for many ways to grow my business Leadsleap, and after registering, I think your approach will work for me.Online advertising platform is a good organization for traffic exchange.And the cost per month of it has seemed relatively low to me.I will, of course, collect and work on it and make money online and share new experiences for you later.

  4. Thank you dave,

    I just signed up on leadsleap now via your link. I am a freelance writer and just started out on affiliate marketing.

    Based on it link tracking, reviews and like you said the link rotator will rotate the links to get a good number of exposure. Although I signed on the free signup, I hope the cost is affordable on the pro

    • Parameter, thanks for commenting and like you I am a freelance writer, who has found Leadsleap very beneficial

      The cost is affordable to the pro and commisisons can be paid direct to your bank when you want them

      I have withdrawn multiple times without any hassle or aggro

  5. I cannot imagine how I have never even heard of this before. It sounds almost too good to be true. I gather that you are and have been using Leadsleap. How long have you used it and how much of a difference has it made for you in your online presence? 

    I will certainly be looking into this and likey using it if it turns out to be all that it appears to be. Thank you for this!!

    • Tina thanks for commenting I appreciate it. Leadsleap has been around since 2008. I have used it since that time

      The reason I do is because it provides me with Tier 1 Traffic, which is crucial online and it has made a great difference to my online presence for sure

  6. Many thanks to you for introducing us to such a beautiful website and through this article many of will find a way to make money online.I never knew about Leadsleap  website before, and your articles have helped me a lot because I am an affiliate marketer and I wanted a website through which I could bring my website to a good ranking. And I found out through your article that this website has two options for Free Membership and Prime Membership.Since I am a professional quality affiliate marketer, I think premium membership will be great for me and I also hope that through your article many people can open a free account from here and make money from ad view .

  7. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article with us. I have got a lot of information about Leadsleap to make money online. I am glad to see your article. Your article is really unique and informative. Every business owner needs to advertise that Leadsleap provides a lot and is available at affordable prices to members. I love seeing the ad on the right side of your web site and I understand that I will benefit from using one and other people like me and will benefit from using it. So I want to buy Leadsleap. Can you help me to buy this Leadsleap? I will share this article with my friends and I will share with you my new experience after using it and I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later. Thank you again for giving such a wonderful article and I wish you good health


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