Leadsleap Pro Membership Reviewed Is it Worth it?

This is  a review of the Leadsleap ( below)  

Advertising Platforms Pro Membership and asks the question, is it worth it

So if you have heard of LeadsLeap and are considering joining, or a current free member, then this post will give you all the information you need to make that informed decision if its worth upgrading

LeadsLeap Pro Memebership costs, $27 per month and as you will see from the picture below

The benefits you get from being Pro, are very good, certainly in terms of Advertising and if you are a blogger, then the benefits you get for your blog, are very well worth considering 

Looking at the picture below 

You can put your blog into the members area, the leadsleap blog, you can add the widget to your own blog & if you look to the right hand side bar of this blog, you can see a real life example of how the widget looks, which is fairly inoffensive enough

Your blog, will also get rotated, so that it goes out in the daily members emails, which in case it doesn’t make sense, if you are a member, then you receive a daily email, like the one shown below 

When the email comes out, you can click the links in the email. Doing this gives you credits, which go towards your encashment value as well as your advertising costs. Remember also, that you only ever have to view 10 ads daily, though the site incentivises you if you view more

So, that said, lets look a little bit further at how the Pro membership differs for you to the free membership.

The first thing you see when you log into Leadsleap is the Dashboard Area

Your dashboard area, gives you a snap shot of whats going on with your account ( as you can see below)

Daily Action

Now, all you are required to do with Leadsleap on a daily basis is this and it applies to both free and Pro Members

You need to view 10 ads. 

As you will have landed on the dashboard area by logging in, you will find that there are 10 ads in that area

You will see 2 across the top, as shown at 1 & 2 in the picture below

Down the right hand side, shown by number 3 you will see a further 9 Ads, the last 3 of which are upline messages

So in total on this page you will have 11 ads.

Your daily task with Leadsleap is to surf or view 10 ads daily. Doing this earns you credits & a share of the daily profits.

The chart below, shows the earning ability on the right hand side,  available for you as a Pro Member 

And Remember you only have to view 10 ads no more to qualify for the above

But leadsleap is slightly different from other traffic exchange models you might have seen or read about

Because with LeadsLeap, absolutely every page from the left hand menu, as seen below

Will have ads on them, so when   you click on those ads, you get credits for viewing them

Set Up Your Own Pro Ads

Once you have got 50 credits, then you are entitled to cash in those credits for a cash value, as shown below 

You can do this once daily and once you have reached the minimum threshold of $10, then leadsleap pays you direct to your paypal account.No questions they simply pay you

So as you can see you are incentivised right through the site, with no penalties at all

And as you are most likely beginning to see, its a very powerful advertising platform, which every marketer should at least be a free member and for those that do promote it, then  everyone gets rewarded

You see One of the things you will like most about this, is that you get a thing called overspill showing in your account

You might be familiar with the term overspill. Its what happens when other people invite others into an opportunity and when all the places on one line are filled, they spillover (overspill) down to the next level, but in doing so, you and everyone else 

So, lets now move it on a stage and talk a little more about the Leadsleap widget. You can see an example of the widget on the right hand side bar of this blog 

The leadsleap widget, works in a very similar way to and is as inoffensive as Google Adsense ( if you have that on your site). By the way, neither conflict with the other

But how do you get that widget on to your site

Very simple. 

Go to your Leadsleap members area and click on the page on the left hand side, called “Add LeadsLeap Widget”

That takes you to the following page 

Click on the tab that says get code, and the following  window is shown 

Which also provides fairly self explanatory instructions for adding the code to your blog / website

When you do this, then your blog will have a sponsored link on the right hand side, that when your blog is shared out, people will click on it. When that happens, you earn credits 

But how do you know that your side bar link are being clicked on

Thats very simple, in your members area, there is a tab on the left hand side bar, which shows where your clicks are coming from

Now, one of the big things you will know that you should be doing is building your own list. That list is your lifeblood

Leadsleap, helps you to build your own list, which can be found in the area on the left hand side bar, called 

“Build your own List” 

This section walks you through getting your own autoresponder ready to use and this can be used for absolutely any affiliate venture you happen to building, or you can simply use it to build your own list, if you haven’t already got one 

Sendsteed Autoresponder

One of the major advantages that Leadsleap has is that its own Autoreponder.

Its called Sendsteed

As you can see, Leadsleap has a very powerful advertising platform, which in truth, many marketers don’t understand, yet it provides many great benefits and all for no more than about 5 minutes work per day, while you are having coffee, breakfast or whatever takes your fancy

It can be used for absolutely any business, so you can have a traditional bricks and mortar business, you can be an affiliate marketer, writer, blogger, no matter what your business is, leadsleap will benefit you 

There have been many other platforms, try and copy what Leadsleap has, but the reality is, that virtually all of them have failed in one way or another, while leadsleap carries on going and as it enters its 11th year of operation, shows no sign of slowing down 

Which is why it has my highest recommendation as a must have platform for advertising your business 

And you know what?… You can get your own free account right here 

Oh, in closing, just one final thing, if you found this article useful and know someone who could benefit from it, please feel free share and comment below


20 thoughts on “Leadsleap Pro Membership Reviewed Is it Worth it?”

  1. Hello Dave,

    I went into your article without ever having heard of Leadsleap. I’m absolutely not sure what to do here but I’ve noticed your recommendation “no matter what your business is, leadsleap will benefit you”.

    So I decided to check what is going on here and I would be very glad if you can help with that.

    • Hi Darko,

      Thanks for joining.Have you read the review fully?… No worries if not
      Best thing to do is view 10 ads for free daily for a couple of days, then go Pro and then you will get the full benefits to your business

  2. Thanks for sharing this great information on Leadssleap Pro Membership. This article is really worth reading I must say especially the way you comprehensively outlined everything bit by bit makes it really engaging. I use wealth affiliate which has really been of benefits to my websites due to it’s powerful hosting. Thanks once more for sharing this great information. Cheer’s

  3. Hello Dave,

    I am currently a blogger and your article was really helpful for me. From what I understand, if I become a pro member, I will have more earning?  And omg, it’s really good that they use paypall to pay the members!

    Thank you so much for the meaningful article. keep up the good work

  4. This is quite interesting post. I really appreciate how you articulate yours on on these review. The truth is this is actually good way for newbie like me who as just started my blog. I have been struggling to drive traffic to my blog. This leadsleap pro membership is worth giving a shot after reading this review

    • Kehinde, thanks for commenting, you cant really go wrong with Leadsleap as far as I can see and by going pro, you will get a great understanding of just how much this will help your business and of course your blog

  5. This program sounds interesting enough for me to take a closer look at it.

    You have provided a very detailed review, thank you for that, and it certainly makes the whole thing much clearer.

    However, I do need to read it your article once or twice and make my notes, and then, I will decide if this is something I like to attend. It sure looks that way though 🙂

    The free membership of Leasleap will be a good start for me? How long did it take for you, if I may ask, to go Pro Membership?

    Thank you for your help, appreciated.

    • Sylvia, thanks for the comment,. start with Free and see how you like it.

      How long did it take me to go Pro?… 1 day!, I read the Pro Benefits, decided to try it and so far, decision vindicated.If this helps further, as I was writing this review, I had a couple of people join, that I know have come from other peoples efforts, which earn me money for not doing much really

  6. This is an alluring post. I have read your post carefully and love it very much. I think Leadsleap offer a faithful and reliable online earning platform. Easy to work and possible to earn more money. I am so much interested and highly recommended it. My one query “We need to active 7 days a week?”  thanks for the great review. 

    • To answer your one query, yes you need to be active for about 5 minutes to do your ads, thats it.

      Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you found it useful

  7. Hi Dave,

    Your review explains the benefits of Leadsleap really well and puts meat on your last article about the free membership benefits, but as a pro-member.

    I’ve just taken the plunge and signed up Pro under your good self because I trust your opinion and I know you will be there to answer any questions I might have. (Unlike other marketers I’ve had dealings with who leave you high and dry)

    So can’t wait to get started and make use of all the tools within the dashboard.

    I have to say, what I’ve seen so far absolutely destroys any other similar platform, and every marketer should have a free Leadsleap account in their arsenal.



    • Paul, thanks for your kind comments, which I very much appreciate. I can say hand on heart, that my blog was set up with the intention of showing warts and all how success comes.

      As you rightly say and we have both experienced the marketers who want you to sign up with them, then leave you high and dry. Primarily, thats because they don’t bother looking into what they have signed up for and you end up knowing more than them

      Absolutely anyone, can, as long as they apply what is shown and taught with focus, build a very nice steady income, in stead of hopping from opp to opp

      Leadsleap, without any doubt on my part, exceeds and beats other platforms hands down, due to the way its structured. Inside the members area, is great free report on why onine advertising is a good niche to be in and its well worth a read

  8. What a great site. What does it cost to join this?

    I love how your very info about it and being new on WA I think I will look into this one for sure. I would love to tell my mom about this site as well. Thanks again. Have a great day.



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