LeasedAdSpace Read This Before Joining

LeasedAdSpace Read this Before Joining

If you are looking at LeasedAdSpace then you need to read this before joining the platform.The Platform created by Richard Weberg and Dan Hunter, over 4 years ago, was at one time a very good advertising blog platform

However, as with all things online, ‘life’ happened to both Richard and Dan. Richard moved onto better things in partnership with Joel Therien

Dan Hunter, simply went underground, since I can’t find a better explanation for disappearing from Public view


LeasedAdSpace, suffered as a result of these moves. So much so, that Dan Hunter, became the sole owner of the platform

However, he did not do very much with it, despite it having some excellent advertising packages on it

As a result of the platform suffering, Frank Bauer, the owner of Infinity Traffic Boost among other platforms

Took over ownership of the domain and ‘allegedly’ the database from Dan Hunter

On this Database, there were and still are a lot of hard working affiliates. All of them owed commissions

The commissions vary in size and amount.

LeasedAdSpace, first encountered problems when PayPal, froze the accounts of the two admins, without Prior Warning

It was this action, which on speaking with the two ‘former’ owners independently

was the straw which broke the camels back

This was when Frank Bauer entered the scene and took control of 95% of the platform


At time of writing, LeasedAdSpace, owes several affiliates commission payments

When the admin area is logged into and the commissions section viewed

You are initially greeted by a rush of excitement, when you see that your pending commission run is the

15th of the Month

But the 15th of The Month comes and no payments are made

So on speaking with the new owner of the platform, several times, the advice given is

that he is waiting for the commission codes to be sent across from the previous owners

Unsurprisingly, it is the same story from the previous owners who say

that there is absolutely no reason why the commissions can’t be paid out

All of which quite frankly leaves a very bad taste in the mouth

In prepping this post to go on this blog, I was very loath to do so, because as a user of the platform

And having gained some good results from it, both in terms of opt ins

Leads and commissions, I did quite like it

It stacked up favourably against other advertising platforms in terms of value


When it comes down to the fact, of honesty openness and transparency, then in its current format

And under the new ownership, then it sadly falls way short on these fronts

The ultimate idea and image of a  con is when your money is kept and there is zero chance

of getting it back

Currently LeasedAdSpace comes into that category for me at the moment and so

if you are considering joining it, then at this moment give it a wide berth

Update… December 2020

Nothing gives me greater pleasure when a business venture comes good

This month, which as the time of writing is December 2020

LeasedAdSpace, under the ownership of Frank Bauer

Has at last ironed out its difficulties and is now a sound and solid venture

Its even paying out commissions again

So while I was saying give it a wide berth, then that is reversed

When it come to placing ads which get click throughs

Then its up there among the best of them for sure

So if you are looking for good click through rates, why not create your own account below

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