List Leverage An Update

This is an update of my progress with List Leverage, since I started using it

To build my List

Now though it is my update, Imagine for a moment that this is you in the same picture

Because there is no difference between you and I whatso ever

Initially skeptical as to whether it work or not, I joined at the beginner Level

The investment for that was $49. Now I say Investment, because I am using the term

In connection with an investment in me, as opposed to a Financial Investment of another nature

What I didn’t do for the first few days was to turn the Traffic Source part of List Leverage on, which is with Traffic Authority .

The reason for this was because I wanted to see if the free methods I was using would work with this.

In every other aspect of using the List Leveragesystem, all of it was turned on which included the autoresponder with Sendshark

So 3 days in, and with not much happening in terms of leads coming to my system

I decided to go bold and buy a Traffic Pack from the Traffic Authority Traffic Store

So dipping my toe in the water with a Basic Package,

which incidentally was far cheaper than paying for Google or Facebook Ads

I followed the instruction and directed the traffic to

This Lead Capture Page I also set my budget, so that I controlled how much I got

I sat back and waited to see what happened

Oh Boy

What a big difference. It was like turning on a tap in terms of Traffic

It quite literally flooded into my Lead Capture Page

Well you can see from the picture below

One of the greate benefits of List Leverage is the fact that you get 20% of your lsi built for you

Another brilliant benefit is that at both the beginner and Super Affiliate Levels you get paid when you send emails out, which contain offers, but for some reason that offer is not attractive enough for your reader

My click cash kicked in after 14 days and as you can see below, this is what I have earned up to date

In fact, I was so pleased, I went and brought a further Traffic Pack, this time Silver because I was so pleased with the results

Another great advantage is that you get paid weekly from both

When you see the compensation plan with Traffic Authority, why would you not want part of it

As an example this is my commission ,even at this early stage

So as I now enter my third month with this awesome system, you can see how the growth is starting to happen

As you can see from the picture below, Box 1 I have $72 income

Box 2, the leads has increased to 184, with 49 of those being Viral Pass ups

Box 3, Click Cash, which is the money you earn from sending out emails with links to offers in, which even if no one buys from you, you still earn, this stands at $16.43

Remember this is from part of the system

The other part of the system, which is the Traffic Authority part

You can see from the screenshot below, how that has increased, with the all time being



As you can see, the system works incredibly well and all that has happened is it has been set up to run

Nothing more, nothing less

To show you how well that works, below you will see a picture which shows the Traffic Sources I use apart from Traffic Authority

On the left hand side, you can see the Lead Capture Pages which work the best

On the right hand side, you can see the Initials of the Other Advertising resources I use

Its a combination of Free and Paid Advertising, to achieve this result

Either way it works.

To further update the progress being made with the List Leverage System

As you will see from the picture below

Box 1, shows the income that was made on Friday $44 which makes a Total Income of $96

Box 2 Shows the total amount of leads, I have gained through the system, with 54 of those being passed up. This also includes sales as well

Box3 Shows the Click Cash Amount, s being $18.15, with the figure on the right $0.01 the amount earned from my teams clicks, this is effectively money for nothing

Again you have to add into the bargain, that using the List Leverage System

Builds your Autoresponder, be it AWeber, Get Response, or Sendshark list for you

So the incomes from these automation software tools, gets built very easily

The Final Peice of the Puzzle is Traffic Authority.

Traffic Authority has a decent amount of leads which is good

As you will see from the picture below, my Bux Rewards is now $250

This means that my Traffic Authority ispaying me in three ways

  1. Through the commissions I receive from renewals of Traffic Optimiser and Traffic Academy

2. Commissions from purchases of Traffic Packs

3. Monthly Rewards from my own Renewals of Traffic Optimiser and Traffic Academy

All of which adds up to nice incomes coming in from Traffic Authority and which gets paid to my bank every Friday without fail

So thats this months update as regards List Leverage

As we move into October, you can see the latest video below

Now, on the other side of the platform, as you will know from previous readingof this post

There is Traffic Authority. Now the latest commissions have been earned

When that happens, you get a text and an email notification like the one below

The other brilliant aspect you will like about being a member of Traffic Authority

Is that for every month, you renew your Traffic Academy & Traffic Optimiser products

You receive what is called Bux Rewards. Mine now stand at

What this means is that the $300 can be used against a further Traffic Package

From the Traffic Store

As you can see this system has the power to become your own online job

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  1. Sounds fascinating. I enjoyed your blog and it was great to see your results it will be interesting to see how it grows over this year. Thanks for informing us about this way of generating email addresses.


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