List Leverage | Click Cash Pays You

This post is going to look at List Leverages click cash

Click cash is a very unique part of List Leverage, because it will pay you for people

who don’t join either your opportunity or the offer you are promoting

Now that might sound a little strange, but its true and revolutionary

How Does it Work

Its quite simple really. The way you earn money online is by sending lots of emails out

Within those emails are links to your offers or your opportunity

The idea being that you will get sign ups from those links

The reality is slightly different, Because, every one associated with an opportunity

is in theory at least happy with that opportunity

Even if they aren’t earning very much from it

But List Leverages click cash, removes that obstacle for you

Because as a member of List Leverage, you will get paid when people click on

Links within your emails even if they don’t join your opportunity or want your offer

The video below shows this ‘live’ as it were

So lets talk you through this in a bit more detail.

The click cash you see above kicked in yesterday 20 July

At first glance, it seems very small, almost insignificant you might think

But, consider this. The more your list grows and with List Leverage it happens very fast

You can see how quickly it happens in the video below

As you see, with over 230 people on my list, and that list is emailed 3 times a day on average

For every person that clicks on the link in the email that goes out

But either doesn’t join my business or doesn’t want the offer promoted

I receive cash for the click, hence the name click cash

So while the click cash figure in my initial example is low

Over time that will build up and many people are enjoying click cash payments

of $800, $2,000 and higher than that

Now …

Put yourself in the picture and imagine that you are sending out emails

Each one containing an offer or promoting your business

Some join your business, while about 80 percent don’t

Under normal circumstances the 80% would be lost forever

But with List Leverage click cash you get paid

Isn’t that appealing?

Just think … 3 Email blasts a day and you would be earning from

Those who don’t join you

Starting a list Leverage Account could not be easier

All you need to do is

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