List Leverage More Leads Added

If you are a regular follower of this blog, then you will know that, I am documenting my use of List Leverage, so that you, a fellow home business owner and affiliate marketer can adjust your own lead generation should you choose to.

As you will know, I was skeptical at first about using List Leverage, but decided to give it a try

There were many reasons for this, but one of them was this

You cant Ignore Social Proof of something

I had as you probably have seen so many people posting screenshots

That at some point it is likely that you will want to try it

Especially if your own lead generation system, is slow at producing

So, going into the 3rd month of using this system, how are things going

The truth?

Very very well. I had more leads overnight, which you will see from the video below

The same video will show you, the increase in Click Cash

Now Click Cash, is pretty awesome and unless you are a bit silly

You would want to be part of List Leverage, just for the Click Cash

To remind you what this is. Its where you get paid, for emails that go out to the prospects on your list, which contain a link, inviting them to click on an offer

Once they have clicked and not matter what their actions are after that

You get paid! … So money for nothing effectively

The bigger your list, the more click cash you receive.

However you are building your list currently, it might be worth comparing it to this way

Bear in mind that List Leverage works with both

AWeber and GetResponse, though I am using Sendshark, which can be found on this page

There you have it. some food for thought with your online marketing efforts

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