Magnetic Sponsoring, A Review of Magnetic Sponsoring

This is a review of the Magnetic Sponsoring e book, written by Mike Dillard

Back in 2005, Mike Dillard, was starting out in MLM and was finding it incredibly difficult to sponsor any reps into the company he was a rep for … He just found it hard and went against his personality traits

You see MLM requires you to be an ‘outgoing salesman’ type of character

Mike Dillard was introverted by nature and so, he decided to find a way to get prospects to call him

Hence Magnetic Sponsoring was created

Initially it was created for Mike to Give to his team members to help them recruit more reps. However, it became such a success that very soon, other MLM reps and leaders were wanting a copy of the book for their own teams

The book, explains in great detail, how to get the exact type of client you want to call or get in touch with you, using the internet and a method called ‘attraction marketing. The methods in the book work very well and are especially good, for those MLM / Network Marketing reps, for who the thought of having to ‘sell’ the opportunity, they have affiliated with, fills them with total dread

Another major benefit of the book, not only explains, but shows and reasons out for you, why promoting ‘your opportunity’ is an absolutely guaranteed way to disaster. The reasons why, will certainly resonate with you, just as they did for this writer ; 0

In fact, it can confidently be stated that by using Magnetic Sponsoring what ever your hopes and goals are, that by applying the techniques in the book, which ever promotion method/s you are currently using, you will soon stop in favour of those in the book

More importantly, you will never go back to those methods and will actually enjoy being ‘hunted’ out, by those who see you as a specialist in your field… which of course you are

The book has proven to be timeless over the years and even now, at the time of this review in 2018, having had a couple of updates over that time, the information inside is still as relevant today, as it was back then.

In conclusion, it is highly recommended reading, as it will change the course of your marketing for ever, to your immense benefit

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  1. It makes me want to buy that book. Only one black mark is for you. You have written twice time in the end, it sounds a bit weird.

    • Judit, thanks for the comment, if you are wanting to buy the book, then any of the links in blue will take you to a check out. As for the word I have mentioned twice I can’t seem to see it.


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