Magnetic Sponsoring Reviewed

This is a review of the online marketers book, Magnetic Sponsoring.

In case you have not heard of it before, Magnetic Sponsoring, is a book written around 2005, by a guy called Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard was at the time an ex pro cyclist, who had become an MLM / Network Marketing specialist, and was having a tough time trying to build his network marketing business, until he came across a website, which gave him a

“Lightbulb moment” in how he could solve his recruitment and referring issues

That light bulb moment, led to the creation of Magnetic Sponsoring, which was primarily at that time, designed for other members of his team, who were having the same issues as Mike was

You could say that, this is a problem, not just specific to Mike Dillard, but the entire network marketing industry, because

Unless people buy you, they won’t buy anything else

But back to the story of Magnetic Sponsoring. The book fast became known as the Network Marketers bible, because it showed MLMers/ Network Marketers, how to

Recruit, Refer and Find new people for their business, without directly pitching, or cold calling them, or doing any sort of home or hotel meetings, but simply by using a method called

“Attraction Marketing”

Effectively they were going to become the hunted, not the hunter. the methods in the book, don’t just apply to Network Marketers, they can apply to any industry and salesperson. They are 100% effective

In fact, though the book is what 14 years old now, at the time of this article, the information inside it, is absolutely timeless.

It explains, what attraction marketing is, in business terms, as opposed to the attraction that led you to marry your partner

Very simply, it means that you, become an ‘expert’ for want of a better word, in providing solutions for other business owners problems that they are experiencing in terms of getting new clients

Now while this may sound difficult, the book actually walks you through step by step, the entire process, how you overcome it and where it will eventually lead you, with your own business.

To put not to finer point on it, it is a master class in explaining what you have to do to achieve this

One of the most crucial points highlighted is the fact, that if you are associated with the business opportunity world, for example, then you simply don’t mention your opportunity at all, but focus directly on what your prospects business issues are, solve them… By way of an info product, which they buy, that solves their specific issue, then you have a happy customer for life

If you have read my own story you will known that up until 2007 / 8 I was focused on promoting opp after opp and though earning money, nothing like I wanted to

But that all changed in 2008, when I was introduced to the book, and stopped doing what I was, to apply the techniques explained in it

Skeptical, though I was, the explanation made sense and from that day forth, I marketed that way

My results were such that I was able to leave my day job, which though it was secure and earning good money, was not what I wanted to do long term, to work full time in the direct response marketing industry

What you will find, when you buy the book, is plenty of AHA moments, as you will be able to relate to most paragraphs and a lot of the chapters.

The results you experience, no matter what industry, niche or sector you are associated with, will without any question see your stock and your value rise to a level, you never thought possible, which might seem a little far fetched now, as you are reading this… But the fact remains it will happen

As an example, if you are currently associated with an MLM company and are having problems in building your down line, which lets face it most MLM reps do have that problem, by applying the methods explained in Magnetic Sponsoring, then your down line will grow a lot faster and with half the work you have previously been doing

Gone will be the hotel meetings, drop cards and endless follow up phone calls, which are you hunting and being a convincer of someone who, really doesn’t have the heart, to be replaced with hungry motivated reps, who will actually for a good while refer people to you, because of your knowledge

It’s a total win win situation for both parties

As you might have read earlier, the information contained in the book is timeless and can be reread and reread again, with you always finding something new, or at least which appears new to you.

I initially read this book, back in 2008, but I have subsequently reread it several times and each time, something new comes to the front and you end up realising that a method which is being explained in the book, is something you are already doing… Your just not doing it the right way

on a slightly humorous note, you may have seen the Andre Previn Sketch with Eric Morecambe, in which Eric is playing a famous tune on the piano, but with the wrong notes

After much frustration of listening to Eric doing this, Andre, says to him exasperately

“Your playing All the Wrong notes”

To which Eric says “No, I’m playing all the right notes, just not in the right order”

It’s a slight digression to make the point

Major Feature

One of the absolute Major features of Magnetic Sponsoring is this, and if you get this right, then the world really can be your oyster, of that I can say with unquestionable certainly

Chapter 7

Introduces you to the Million dollar skill & … How to get it

It’s the one single skill, which on it own and once refined & honed, has the ability to earn you a Million dollars ( Plus) for doing something you do every single day, without even thinking about it Hence its called …

“The Million Dollar Skill”

To briefly highlight my own experience of using this skill, it was once I had mastered this, that I realised just how powerful a skill it was and if truth be told, it was probably one of the biggest single causes of me being able to leave my secure day job ( & without a safety net of income either)

This was even applied to something an associated of mine was doing with little results to show for it

Se ended up tweaking something minor with her promotions and within 20 minutes, might even have been slightly longer, as a direct result of doing this, had made a sale of a product.

So my strong recommendation when you get the book is too pay particular attention to Chapter 7… But

Don’t go there first, because the first 6 lead up to why you need that skill

Equally, it will also lead to you eliminating Shiny Object Syndrome

In conclusion, then Magnetic Sponsoring is an excellent read, you will learn some exciting things (including the million dollar skill!) and you will be able to apply the methods to your own business with great results, which will be reflected in your bank account and at the same time you will halve your workload

As you might have guessed by now, this book comes with my highest recommendation

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  1. Hi Dave, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. You really intrigued me with this book although I have not come across it yet. It is something that anyone who works online should read but I don’t know will I resist to not go on Chapter 7 as that is surely a “bomb”.

    • Hey Daniel, 

      thanks for commenting my friend. One of the ironies about this book, is the person who recommended it too me years ago, hadn’t brought it, still hasn’t brought it and is still doing the same thing

      You can go direct to Chapter 7, but without the first 6 chapters, it won’t make as much sense

  2. I actually read Magnetic Sponsoring: How To Attract Endless New Leads And Distributors To You Automatically 2 years ago, I wish I would have read it 10 years ago, 

    Mike Dillard gives a good understanding of what network marketing is and how you can use it to your advantage. I read the e-book version. 

    This is the kind of book that you want to take notes on as you read. You will gain tools in this book to let you have success at with this method of marketing and you will soon realize how applicable it is to other areas of business, marketing and sales, especially in the internet age. 

    The on thing that Mike stresses is integrity and you feel it in his writing. 

    This is a legitimate network marketing method, not just pyramid schemes. 

    • James, 

      thanks for commenting and adding your experiences, I actually brough the updated version as well, a year ago and have also got magnetic sponsorings evolution book as well, which is eve more powerful than this

      Your right Mike Does stress integrity and it works very very well

  3. Magnetic Sponsoring is such a catchy name that I myself want to find out what it is. Thank you for sharing a good book and also your experience trying out the skill. Will check out this book and wil try not to read the chapter 7 first. Is it a long book to read? How long did it take you to mater the skill?

    • Thanks for commenting. The book is not a long read, but its a book that you are not looking to see how many pages are in it and when you put it down, you immediately want to pick it up again

      As for the skill, it didn’t take long to learn it at all, once you have mastered the basics, then you refine and hone and even more people approach you

  4. Hey, 

    I have read the whole review of magnetic sponsoring book.This is really a inspirational review.In the magnetic sponsoring book the author write his own experience in Online  Business . By reading this review one can learn how they can solve their  though time to build up his Business,network or website. This is a great review for them who are trying to successful in online marketing business . I have learned so much about online business platform by reading your review.I am going to share this review with my friends and relatives.Thank you so much for writing such an inspirational review.     

  5. Thanks for making a review I really didn’t know much about this or how it works generally but after reading this post i understood the importance of this package when it comes to building a network marketing or MLM business. although what I know is just a clue, I’ll work towards getting this book and implement it’s procedures in my online business. Thanks for this amazing review. 


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