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MailChimp which as you may well know is a superb autoresponder, that integrates with WordPress, has some important upcoming news



If you use MailChimp you may not be aware of this, because its not common knowledge

However, you might be aware that it provides several, exceptional features which provide excellent benefit to the end user

One of those features is a pop up box which you can conveniently install through a widget available in the widgets area of your wordpress blog

Once installed, the widget, enables a pop up box to appear, after a pre~determined amount of time, with an special offer, that you have set up

If the reader likes your offer, then they can subscribe  to your list through the pop up.

Now from the


31st October 2018


If you are using MailChimp as an autoreponder and have hosted, embedded & pop up forms on your blog, then from the above date, those options will default to Single Optin from Double Optin

But if you prefer to keep your preferences as they are currently, then all you need to do is login to your MailChimp account and reset them to double optin

You may even be asking what is the difference between Double and Single Optin.

That is easy to answer

Double Optin First

You subscribe to get some information on a topic you like

You will then be notified immediately on the screen in front of you, to watch out for the confirmation email

Then you receive an email asking you to click a link in the email to  confirm you want the Information. You click the link. Now you are opted in


Single Optin

This differs, because when you subscribe to the the information you have asked for, you immediately see a message that says

“Congratulations, You are subscribed to get the information”

So as you can see this is the difference between the two. Some prefer Double Optin, while others are of the view, that single is better, because the information is obviously wanted, so why make it double optin.



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