MarketHive Social Network Review

This post explains about the MarketHive Social Network

Described as a the Worlds First ECO System for Entrepreneurs, it is built on the Blockchain

Blockchain in case you are wondering is the base on which Bitcoin is focused around

Free to create an account with, MarketHive is simple enough.

But as you can see from the above picture, you get a lot of unique tools, designed to attract people who are like minded to you.

One of the great benefits about using MarketHive, is the favt that you can earn their version of Faucets with it.

By referring just 3 people to use the platform 

Markethive allows you to earn coin with every post, process, and function within the system.

Like a faucet system, earn micro payments of Markethive Coin.

Spend it, save it, exchange it on our exchange or the other public exchanges that carry our coin for Ethereum or Bitcoin

If you choose to upgrade within the system to the Entrepreneurs level, the benefits, which you can see in the video below 

The network is built in a similar way to Facebook, yet operates in a totally different way to the giant Social Network.

Its effectively called an Eco System, where you get paid for every activity you do on it in much the same way as you would on 



And other Social networks

With MarketHive you get paid in  their Currency, which the equivalent of BTC Faucets.

However the primary aim of MarketHive is that it is a network based round attraction marketing

Attraction Marketing as you may well know, is by far the best form for marketing


Because as an Entrepreneur, you Choose to work with who you want, compared to a Job, where you have to work with some people you don’t want to

It is also a virtually complete Automarketing system

As you can see from the picture below, it has some of the components of Facebook, outlined by the read box, but very unlike Facebook, you can participate in groups and not fear that your comment of posting is going to get drowned out by the other noise

Referral Programme

MarketHive has a very simple Referral Programme.

Designed for anyone, but probably best likely aimed at Entrepreneurs and those in the Crypto Space

You simply have to refer just 3 people to the platform, to activate your Faucet ( The platforms equivalent of Faucets)

The Faucets can only be used on the platform itself.

The referral programme also has some tutorial which explain more in depth about this powerful platform and how you can get paid, for completing the different levels of knowledge.

These all help put more meat on the bone for you with your understanding of MarketHive

You are also given some very cool tools to help you promote MarketHive and, if you are have a blog or like writing, then you can insert some cool banners within your blog to help with the promotion of the platform.

All in all MarketHie has the potential to be a big player in not just the social networking arena, but also the Crypto Arenas as well.

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