Medium What You Must Know

If you are a writer and have been recommended to use medium

Then this post will explain what you must know about Medium

What is Medium

In short Medium is a platform, specifically for writers

Absolutely every subject is covered on the Platform

You can use it to read, find content, get ideas and tips

It is also Ad Free, so that you know you can enjoy the platform

At first glance the platform can appear to be boring and uninspiring

But the content on the home page invites you to delve deeper

When you do this, you start to learn how the platform will help you

120, 000, 000

Currently there are 120,000,000, (Million) readers who use the platform daily

It is the ideal place to expand your brand, share ideas and grow your audience

Subscription Based

Medium is subscription based, but this is where the platform differs from others

The Subscriptions are very affordable, at either $5 Monthly or $50 yearly

Medium also gives you comprehensive writer stats, so you can see what works best

Partner Programme

Medium also offers a partner programme, which is quite unique

How it works is like this. You apply to become a partner, through very simple steps

You write something on a subject or topic you know a lot about

Depending on the quality of your written content it gets recommended to the readership

Good quality content gets rewarded by payment, through Stripe to your bank

This happens once a month, so you have to keep on top of your content

As a writer, then you might be aware that sometimes, writers block sets in

With Medium, much the same as with Pinterest this becomes less of a problem

This is because like Pinterest, there are plenty of inspirational ideas to ‘unblock you’

So if you are unsure about using Medium, then my strong suggestion is try it out

Who knows… You could be the next testimonial on the front page

Think of the exposure that could bring

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