Membership Scripts: The Ultimate List Builder

When it comes to building your list, Membership Scripts, don’t often feature in the options, because people know little about them

However, as you are about to find out, they can be a very good list building option for you to consider

This post is going to explain more

Before that though, it is important that you understand, because this is a WordPress website, the difference between a Membership Script and a Membership Plugin

Both are entirely different. This post is going to focus on Membership Scripts.

What are They

Effectively they are a list builder site, such as you can see here

The idea is that you buy one, for a lifetime payment and it comes with all the material and Promotional Tools for you to attract leads to you.

In theory they are a good idea, because it can build your list and like WordPress

They are hosted on your own domain, accessed through a cPanel, like the one shown below

The downside to this, type of list builder, is that as the owner, you would have a variety of admin tasks to do on a daily basis, together with a variety of customer requests, which will include, seemingly silly requests like they have forgotten their password and other admin requests.

With this type of Membership Script, you would also share the commissions from the sales that are made, with your client base. This obviously would not include your own promotion.

Like any other business, it would require daily advertising and promotion to keep it

Out There

The next type of membership script, is one like Traffic Hoopla seen below

Now again this is an entirely different proposition

You can choose to by the Lifetime Membership which is $179

There are no further payments with this model in terms of membership payments

Doing it this way, means that you don’t have any of the daily admin tasks associated with the previously mentioned model

You have a number of different advertising resources to use to get new clients, plus

The reputation of an established brand

Commission wise, you earn 50% of all the membership options they have

Which Currently are

Monthly Pro $19

Yearly Pro $119

Lifetime Pro $179

Clearly this is a good attractive offer, the one downside with this type of script from an affiliates point of view is

You can only email your downline, once every 7 days and you can’t promote any other venture apart from Traffic Hoopla

Which Leads Us On To …

The 3rd and at this time final Membership Script

The Prosperity Marketing System which is very different from the previous two other types

This is quite possibly the best of all the membership options

Because you own it. For a small monthly fee of $12

For everyone that you introduce to the platform, you earn 100% of the $12 Student Commissions, with the exceptions of the 2nd and 4th Members

As a Student, then you can also add into the system, any ventures which you are currently promoting or having success with.

Equally you can take out ventures you don’t like.

The great attraction with this type of membership script is that you can also

Buy An Owners Add On for $97, which lets you totall change the Primary Business and The Autoresponder too

You earn 100% Commissions on The Owners Add on too.

You have no admin tasks to perform

You can email your entire downline every 3 days

You can select who gets to see the emails.

So as you can see, if you are seriously committed ( not insane committed obviously!!)

But committed to building a thriving online list, then

Membership Scripts are the Ultimate List Builder

Now though this post has covered a lot of good stuff about these, you might still have some questions you want answered

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