MLSP: Can You Earn Money With MLSP (MyLeadSystem Pro)

MLSP Can You Earn Money With MLSP ( My Lead System Pro)

If you are looking at MLSP, MyLeadSystemPro, and wondering if you can earn money with MLSP, then this post will explain what you need to know, to decide if it is right for you 

The Story

MLSP, was established in 2008, by 3 Network Marketers, each of who had brought the book magnetic sponsoring 

They were in different MLM Companies, but all of them had the same common issue or problem. 

The Problem:

No leads and Not much Cash

They all knew that social media was the way forward and how to attract people to them.

So much like Mike Dillard had done when writing magnetic sponsoring, they decided to devise a system.

It was a system which could be used by every single Network Marketer / Affiliate Marketer

The Solution:

It had to be one which did the heavy lifting for them, even while they slept

So MLSP, MyLeadSystemPro was born.

And how effective it has been over the last 10 years. 

Built on WordPress and programmed specifically for non techies, it has 3 superb membership levels 

These are shown below



Instance 1



42 P/month

Billed Annually



100 P/Month

Billed Annually



150 P/ Month

Billed Annually

As you will see from the picture below, included with all plans is the following

Affiliate Programme

My Lead System Pro also has an affiliate programme with it.

It is described as the powerful affiliate programme for Network Marketers.

There are 3 ways you can make money with the programme

The first way is through 

Membership Commissions

As you can see from the image below, you get a referral bonus which can be as much as $200

Plus an ongoing monthly recurring commission which can be as much as $150

The second way is through 

Product Commissions

The 3rd Way is 

Team Generated Commissions

Which at this point it should be pointed out that MLSP is a solution for Network Marketers

Equally it can also be said that Network Marketers are also Affiliate Marketers.

This leads on to the downside of My Lead System Pro.

It is well know that being affiliated to an network marketing company is and can be hard work

Income is always hard to generate, which leads to attrition because team members will always look for money

My Lead System Pro, seeks to attract those who are disgruntled with their present company

But, the fact still remains that being part of MLSP means that you have to show others what to do.

So effectively you are an affiliate only of both your network marketing company and My Lead System Pro.

The only way you can achieve real success online is by having your own membership site

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