MLSP: Can You Earn Money With MLSP (MyLeadSystem Pro)

MLSP,  MyLeadSystemPro, is a marketing system which you might have heard about or are considering

If so, then you are in the right place, to get some informed facts about this brilliant maketing system and what it can do for you.

MLSP, was established in 2008, by 3 Network Marketers, each of who had brought the book magnetic sponsoring seperately and all of who were in different MLM Companies, but all of them had the same common issue or problem.

They had

No leads and Not much Cash

They all knew that social media was the way forward and how to attract people to them. so much like Mike Dillard had done when writing magnetic sposnoring, they decided to devise a system, which could be used by every single MLMer / Affiliate Marketer

It had to be one which did the heavy lifting for them, even while they slept


MLSP MyLeadSystemPro was born

And how effective it has been over the last 10 years.

Built on WordPress and programmed specifically for non techies, it has 3 membership levels

Basic $49 per month

Pro $150 Per Month

Premium $299.97 per month

Now while these may sound like heavy costs especially if you are starting out as an online marketer, then consider this

You are investing into You and the brand of you

Each of the above steps / memberships leads into the next and while it sounds good, you have to remember this

It is an affiliate only venture, where the commissions start small, but build up as you progress through the various members and sub levels inside those respective memberships

So …

If you are looking to earn a serious amount of money in a short space of time, then this is probably not the venture for you

However, if you are going to be making a career out of marketing online, then there is a good possibility that this is a venture for you, but this is said with a big note of caution


Which Is This


While you are shown how to set up the various social profiles and your own blog at the same time, this is against the back drop that you are going have to

Recruit, Refer and Sponsor People into the system, in order that you can actually earn money.

Now MLSP, doesn’t promote itself as a business opportunity, but more of a solutions provider for small online business owners, affiliate marketers and MLM / Network Marketing Affiliates, the fact still remains that unless you do refer, recruit and sponsor people into the system…

Then you are going to struggle to earn any sort of decent income, for at least the first couple of years

You also need to add into the equation, that though MLSP advocates finding people through attraction marketing, you are still going to need to do some paid advertising

This will obviously be scaled up and relevant as you go through the various membership levels, with the last membership level, costing $250 per month.

Doing the maths at that membership level, over the course of a year, which you have the option to pay for, your outlay will be … $3,000

Add into the equation, advertising costs, which at a very minimum would have to be 10% of that figure, so that would be $300 per month, as you can see the outlay is looking very serious and why people who affiliate with the venture, usually do so, much like pilots become pilots. They lay out such vast sums, they are looking long term before any money puts them into Profit

If you are a seasoned marketer, then the marketing aspect shouldn’t be too much of an issue

But … if you are a newbie starting out working MLSP along side a day job, then serious throught would have to be given as to how much time you would need to assign to make a success of it

The other factor that need to be taken into consideration is this…

MLSP advocates the use of marketing through social media channels and most of its affiliates actually use Facebook Pages to promote MLSP, which is okay and does work

But as with all things media related, The Algorithms change and marketing becomes a little harder on Social Media


All things considered, when you compare it to, the venture below, it gives you an at a glance look as to which one is the better bet

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