MOBE Shut Down By FTC

MOBE, short for My Own Business Education has been shut down by the FTC

The FTC is The Federal Trade Commission, if you weren’t aware of what it stood for already

What is surprising, is that MOBE was not a newish business venture, quite the opposite in fact and had been trading since 2008/9

Created and Founded by Matt Lloyd, the Australian entrepreneur, it provided what it claimed was the essential online business education, all small business owners need

Its products were the 21 Step Business Education System, which provided, what appeared to be sound initial steps in business. designed to give business owners the foundations required to start any business up

True, the 21 steps, encouraged you towards becoming an affiliate for and of Mobe products, through its consultancy programme, which was $50 (Fifty Dollars per Month)

Alongside, the 21 Step education proccess, there were various, high ticket upsells, which started with the Silver Masterclass. This built on from the 21 steps system and was designed to help you build your first solid foundations as a business owner

Once you had completed the Silver MasterClass, this naturally evolved you into the Gold MasterClass.This taught you how to actually set up your own Customer Acquistion Process, or put another way… How to start building your list, while giving you sevearal different options as to how to do this, which included working with WordPress

In addition to these MasterClasses, there were also three other products, Titanium, Platinum and Diamond MasterMind programmes.

These, again, were natural steps up from the Gold MasterClasses, each being a higher upsell than the last, but each stating and advising, that your success both in business and with money was dependent on the purchase of these ventures.

Promotional Material

As an affiliate, or as MOBE preferrred you to be called, a consultant, you were provided with a series of links, to the 21 steps business education series, which MOBE stated were high converting landing pages.

However when it came to promotion of the 21 Step Funnel, which was carried out through a range of social media channels, manual traffic exchanges, Revenue sharing traffic exchanges, it was more often than not found that these links were in fact banned

Mobe support, could never offer any explanations as to why this was, but perhaps it was why they leaned towards encouraging affiliate consultants to build their own landing pages / blogs using WordPress, as these were openly encouraged in the Silver and Gold MasterClasses


MOBE claims to have paid out, well in excess of $106,000, 000 in commissions, since it started and in fairness here, it should be stated that several top and well known names from the world of Network Marketing / MLM ( which MOBE was not by the way) were and earned quite substantial incomes from the venture

Certainly in more than once case, enough to retire on

There are other examples of affiliate / consultants earning certainly 4 and 5 figures per sale, but it is also known that they worked, very very hard to achieve that. Quite possibly harder than the CEO of a Fortune 500 company

So if MOBE was so good, and certainly any business venture that has been around for longer than 3 years online, can be considered to be established and maybe untouchable, how then did it end up being, shut down temporarily

Well, the article below, explains this fully for you

Initial Temporary Shut Down News

This was the Initial Shut Down Notice

And as this post was being written, below, you can find the

Updated News

You can Read The latest Update Here

MOBEs closure certainly came as a major shock to nearly everyone in the online business world, but especially to thsoe who were affiliate /consultants and specifically those who had opted to run it as a full time franchise type business venture


Aside from the obvious closure and shock, that quite obviously is affecting a lot of people, is this

Ultimately, being a Mobe affiliate / consultant, you were just a rep, for a company, albeit getting significantly higher commissions than elsewhere, but a self employed rep none the less

To Market and work properly online and as your own boss, You need to have Your Own Blog Like This  doing this puts you totally in control of everything

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