My No1 Hosting Recommendation

This post discusses My No 1 Hosting Recommendation for WordPress

With WordPress, there are so many different and varied hosting options

It can and does quickly become a minefield for the end user (You) to choose from

WordPress itself has 3 Recommended hosting providers




Each one has its own merits and benefits for WordPress users

If you currently use Bluehost, then you can

==>>Read My Review On Them here<<==

Over the years I have been affiliated with 4 Hosts in total.

However it was only recently and… after months of watching how they do things

That I decided to migrate to my current hosting provider

There a number of reasons why I chose to, but the two overall factors were

Transparency and Customer Support

Add into the bargain that some big companies who I follow, have also migrated to them and the decision then became a no brainer.

As mentioned there were several factor which helped me decide.

Two of them have been covered above

Among the considerable other factors were


Ability to host multiple websites

The ability to Grow a Successful Business

The ability to have full redundancy ( virtually zero downtime to you and me!)

When it came to managed hosting, there were a good few strong contenders

But as you will see from the picture below, Wealthy Affiliate has more benefits

You can see the full list of benefits here