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The chances are if you are reading this you are either with or thinking about moving from 

Then this review will give you all the information you need to decide if its for you or not

One of the first things to consider is that they cater for predominantly the smaller home type of business, which is why their pricing is lower than you would normally see

They offer 3 type of packages, which are the basic hosting package shown below

The website builder package seen below

& Last but by no means least, the WordPress Plus package

Now on the face of it these seem like reasonable costs and good packages to have.

However its when you delve a little deeper into them, that you start to appreciate that all is not as it seems

The website builder, is clunky at best and not entirely user friendly, which leads to frustration for the end user, unless of course you like to work that way!

It is in my opinion, a waste of time, because if you are going to have a website then you really need to be looking at WordPress

WordPress as we know, is a must have marketing tool for every business owner.

Correctly set up, it will be found in the search engines and …Attract your customers

Having used WordPress hosts in the past, it is well known, that it can take some time to actually install a WordPress site onto your domain, let alone does it function correctly

Which then takes you onto another aspect of, that you may not have considered, especially if you are going to be doing the website maintenance yourself

& that is the all critical… Uptime

Your website is your window to the world and even if you are marketing locally you will still need the functionality and flexibility of WordPress, combined with good SEO to target your market locally.


Now this is another issue that is critical and the support is split over many different countries, which while its okay, is not perfect, as you would need almost instant answers to problems you will encounter with your website

So you might be wondering, is it worth having a WordPress website after all.

The answer to that is without any question yes, especially when you look at the comparison chart below 

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