Page Builders v Gutenberg – Which is Better

This post looks at Page Builders v The Gutenberg Block Editor and asks which is best

It should be said a this point that I am and was a huge fan of page builders.

But, they do have some restrictions.

One of the biggest restrictions is they leave a whole stack of code in the wrong place

I say this because being a fan of page builders in the past

I have used Thrive Themes twice, Elementor and Divi too

Elementor copied the Original page builder Thrive Themes

Divi, from Elegant Themes, is in a class of its own

However compared to Gutenberg however, then it’s a whole different story.


When it was first introduced it caused uproar

Bloggers were happy with the old classic editor. Change wasn’t required

Some tried Gutenberg and found it clunky at first

But as with all roll outs, it got better

It was designed to help bloggers, make their posts more attractive and appealing

That was where Page Builders had an advantage, for a while

But once Gutenberg had ironed out the flaws, or a lot of them

It became fun to use, some might say enjoyable

Heck it even then came down to being the default editor

Since December of last year, Gutenberg is now the editor of choice


Now if you are using a page builder and decided to revert back to Gutenberg

You have a disadvantage, at least from a time point of view

Because where you were using Gutenberg, but had replaced it with a page builder

Once the page builder is removed

Every post you have written automatically defaults to the classic editor

So though some still love the classic editor, you then have to go through each post

And change it to the Blocks Editor. Which can take time


The other thing about using page builders as a lot of bloggers are discovering

Is that when compared to Gutenberg, they are now finding that it does everything a page builder can do

For Free

Page Builders such as Divi and Thrive Theme, come as a complete package

In each case both the above named cost $228 for the year

Which Is Better

This is obviously a good question and pretty much depends on what you want to achieve from and with your blog

The most simplistic way to look at this is this way

Your blog is an extension of your personality

So it should be kept simple, yet provide good quality content

That can be achieved through the Gutenberg Block Editor very happily

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