Pagely Managed Hosting – What You Should Know

Pagely Managed Hosting – What You Should Know

If you are a blogger looking at Pagely as a Managed Hosting Provider

This post will give you the information you Should Know, to decide if its for you or not

Pagely works mainly with British Brands, in the High End sector of WordPress Hosting.

Its infastructure is based on the WorldFamous Amazon Web Services Hosting Platform.

However, it is not as transparent as it may seem when it comes to comparing itself to other WordPress Hosts.

Because, it compares itself, against pretty well known Webhosts, such as Kinsta 

and Liquid Web, shown below

Now this is fine, but the difference between Pagely and those two specific hosts is this

They are not based on the Amazon Web Services Framework, so comparisons are bound to be misleading.

Amazon Web Services

So when it comes to direct comparisons with WordPress Managed hosting which use Amazon Web Services

Then it shoud have included the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. As this is the closest direct competitor

The Picture below shows this

As you can see there is a world of difference between the two offerings.Especially the pricing.

Pagely will charge you roughly 4 times the cost that Wealthy Affiliate will charge you.

For that you are getting reduced benefits in some of the most key areas, including bandwidth.

So given that, with Pagely you would need to do an extensive amount of advertising to secure clients to pay for it.

Affiliate Programme

Another downside of hosting with Pagely as already touched on above is the fact that you would need to advertise

You would need to advertise to attract the clients you want who would pay sufficient for you to be able to pay for the hosting going forward

Wealthy Affililate by comparison has an excellent referral programme, which is the best in the managed hosting space

Take a look at the picture below to see how you are paid 

Wealthy Affiliate also has some of the worlds leading training in terms of Advertising and Earning money in the managed hosting space.

As you will see from the picture, every area is covered

None of this Pagely has and as you can imagine, to seek training out on the best way to maximise your self hosted blog, could cost you a small fortune… yet Wealthy Affiliate has it all for you within the membership price you pay & …

Training is updated frequently, so you always have the latest trends to hand, ready to apply to your own blog.


So, in conclusion ad summary, there will be high end businesses who maybe require Pagely, which is fine.

However, for value for money and the opportunity to work with the small office / home office market place worldwide together with Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Marketers, then Wealthy Affiliate has a more than desirable offering.

Its an offering which will reward you handsomely, when the process is followed.

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