This post looks at Pinterest 

Together  with the reasons why you should use it

Pinterest is not a fad, it is known as the 5th major Social Network

But as you will discover, there is a whole lot more to the platform than that

Founded in 2010, it has quietly and rapidly become an established platform.

It has around 400 Million active daily users. Four Hundred Million!

It is extremely popular among the blogging fraternity

In fact there is a misconception that the platform is specifically for Women

But that could not be further from the truth, as you will learn

True Women in the main do use the platform.

But if you are a blogger,  prepare to be surprised, by what you will learn.

Pinterest For Business

As a website owner, you will know that getting traffic to your website is crucial

Pinterest, will drive traffic to your website in absolute Lorry loads

One of the reasons for this, is because the people who use it are Likeminded

Openness and engagement is what Pinterest is all about

If you have the Pinterest tag on your site, then any images on your blog

Can be directly saved to the platform.

How Does This Happen

Its very simple and happens through the use of boards

Don’t worry too much if that term doesn’t mean anything to you right now

All will become clear

There are some boards shown below highlighted by the red squares 1- 4

Boards work in a very similar way to the categories section on your WordPress Blog

And the play lists on Your YouTube Channel

They are used to organise and seperate the different topic areas

Hence why if you have an Image in your Blog post, then it can be saved to a board

This is one of the best ways of driving traffic to your blog because …

You write content, with images, which have the Pin on them

They can be saved directly to a board of your choice.

Becoming clearer?

Why would you want to do this?

There are some excellent reasons why

One of them has been mentioned above. Pinterest has 400 Million Active Users

Just a like Google and YouTube, they use the search feature on Pinterest

Depending on what words they put in, Pinterest will return the results

It does this because, just like the search engines

Pinterest is crawling the content that is uploaded or saved to boards

When it finds content, matched to a search, it then displays that in your

Home Feed

So it is fairly important to choose a post that has some good keywords in it

Because when it does and people search for what they are looking for

There is a greater chance of your board being put in their home feed


One of the great advantages of the home feed, compared to that of Facebook

Is that unlike facebook, where people simply scroll

With Pinterests home feed, you are being educated and informed

Through inspiring and creative ideas, which will never sleep


Rather like your blog content, Pinterests home feed content is ever green

This means unlike Instagram, or again Facebook, it is not ever deleted

So when you post your Pins and you have your boards

People will have a godo chance of finding what you have pinned

So its almost like having

Instant Traffic 24/7/365

Which, unless you are paying for ads on Pinterest, is all organic

And as you might know, Organic traffic is good as far as search engines go

However Organic Traffic is the subject of another post.

But in conclusion, you will now have a better idea as to why you should have

A Pinterest presence

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