Plug In Profit Site What You Need To Know

If you are looking at the Plug in Profit Site, as a way of earning money online, then this post will explains some facts you need to know.

Owned by Stone Evans, himself no slouch when it comes to Internet Marketing, it has been around the Internet since at least 1999, so it is well established in Internet Terms.

Its selling point is

“This Internet Millionaire Wants to Give You His Money Making Site, Free”

Sure enough at first glance, who wouldn’t be interested in an Internet Millionaire giving you his money making site for free

After all, that is exactly why you chose to make a career of online marketing… To Make Money!

So lets take a close look at the offering to see if it is worth your while doing it

The first thing that springs to mind, is that for you to actually get this free money making site you have to join

5 listed affiliate ventures, which are

Global Domains International


Traffic Authority

Online Sales Pro

Now Lifestyle

To be fair, all the ventures listed above, are equally well established ventures, with GDI and SFI having been around the longest

So, how do all these ventures fit into Plugin Profit Site and why do you need to join them?

Thats best answered by the name of the site Plugin Profit…. When people join you in Plugin Profit, by default, they also have to join the same 5 listed programmes, but they do so through your affiliate ID for each.

Doing this helps you build an automatic downline, whcih is helpful especially if you consider yourself to be not much good at Marketing, in which case, by promotion of Plug In Profit Site, you should grow a fairly healthy downline and one in which you will make money from

At this point the total cost to you is Zero. So its looking pretty good s far.

But, things start to change a little bit from this point onwards.

Because, compared to the day when Plugin Profit Site first came out, Google and other search engines were kind to affiliate links and you could quite happily promote through Google Adwords for example, with no trouble at all.

Google and the other search engines, will still let you promote your affiliate links, but they have to be masked by a domain name you have brought. For example

Which is where Global Domains International comes into play.

By the very name, it means that you can buy a domain from Global Domains International, for $10 a month which is the only way you can join Global Domains International

GDI is also an MLM venture so to earn any big serious money, then recruiting and sponsoring is a must

You might also want to have the WordPress Blog, which comes with the Premium version of Global Domains International, which is $43 per month and as a blog is an essential marketing tool for most online marketers, it would be better to have it, than not.

NB: The WordPress Training which comes with GDI, is very basic

With the First opportunity covered in Plugin Profit Site, lets now look at


This is owned by Gerry Carson and is thought to be one of the two longest established marketing ventures on the Internet.

SFI started in 1985

As you can see by the fact that its still around it must be doing something right

Essentially, SFI or SFI4 as it is known, is free to join and has a ton of benefits inside it, including a marketing plan, which is realy your affiliate business plan and gives you a step by step plan to follow.

Most marketers fall down with this, because they simply don’t follow a plan, more hit and hope

How you make money with SFI,is through the recruitment,it is an MLM, so like GDI you will have to recruit and sponsor, to earn any real serious income in it.

But through the SFI Marketing Plan, you have an opportunity to do this as you get shown how best  to pormote the venture.

Marketing and Promotion …

As with any affiliate venture, it needs marketing and promotion of it so you can recruit and sponsor and refer people

If the SFI marketing plan, bear little fruit, then you can use the Traffic Packs available in …

Traffic Authority

Which leads nicely into how this venture fits into the Plugin Profit Site Structure

Like GDI and SFI previousy, you can only join Traffic Authority, by buy a Traffic Pack, which start at around $47

Equally, you can also become an Re~seller for $20 per month

The only downside to this, is that you have no way of knowing if the traffic packs you are buying through Traffic Authority are tested sources which are proven to work.

So you may want to try alternate methods of promotion through social media channels, such as Facebook and  /or  PPC through the search engines

if you do choose these methods, then you are going to have to use a domain name ( for example what you chose with GDI, earlier) in order to use Facebook groups and / or your fanpage, if you don’t then there is a good chance that Facebook will block the link

A similar thing applies with Google and Bing, who are clamping down on affiliate links used in PPC ads

So you would need to use a domain name when doing PPC.

Now the main thing with promotion of Plugin Profit Site and the sites inside and part of it,  is that you are going to be building your list, which is done through the use of


Nowlifestyle is a health and welness company owned by GVO and Joel Therien, who has been around for absolute years on the Internet. Now lifestyle also has an autoresponder attached, called  sendshark 

Sendshark starts at $9.99 per month, which is easily affordable and has a fantastic paypaln attached to it

However, all is not as rosy sa it may seem in this respect. because, though the $9.99 cost is minimal, you will receive emails saying that you “lost out on a commission” from those who have upgraded to premium which is $50 per month.

These emails are ‘pressure type emails designed to get you to upgrade to premium, but this carries on right through the product line.

This is fine, if you are good with promotion of an opportunity, however if you are not hot on marketing, then you will be putting pressure on yourself, to keep up the monthly payments, promote and follow up at the same time

So from being a

“This Internet Millionaire Wants to Give You His Free Site for Nothing”

Now you are looking at a  minimum montly cost of

$10 for the domain name

$9.99 for the basic autoresponder, which effectively means you have to start at $50 per month, so you don’t lose out on commissions

Traffic Authority Packs, which start around $500 plus the reseller opportunity at $20 per month

Plus any other alternative promotion/s you might care to do

So all in all, your yearly cost for your business, because you have to remember, you are starting a business online is going to be $960

That’s without you making any money, or profits from it, within the first 6~12 months.

Now this is not designed to frighten you off, but just give your some relevant facts if you are looking seriously at

Plugin Profit Site as a way of securing your future.

Alternatively, of course you can you  look at


Which gives you far more control, over the type of Affiliate Marketing Ventures

you would wish to be associated with compared to Plugin Profit Site

Given that with Wealthy Affiliate you have absolute peace of mind, to either add your own affiliate links or …

Choose from those that have been tested over time, while saving money at the same time. You can see why this review, gives you affordable and realistic options

6 thoughts on “Plug In Profit Site What You Need To Know”

  1. Hi!  Isn’t an MLM some sort of scam usually?  I may be wrong about that of course.  That being said, no matter what, I definitely agree that Wealthy Affiliate is probably better!  Do you have any suggestions on some good niches for Wealthy Affiliate?  Or should one focus solely on what they are passionate about?

    • Thanks for your comment and MLM is not a scam, because its networking, which we all do at some point in the day, about something : ) if you are choosing a company in the MLM niche, then you do have to become a salesperson through Personal Development.

      Compared to Plugin Priofit Site, well with Wealthy Affiliate you have the chance to build your own Plugin Proifit Site, choosing ventures you relate to and believe in, &… You control the whole lot!

  2. It sounds amazing at first, that you are being given an internet site for free, but there is a catch,that you have to join five other organisations first.

    The good news is that whoever you enroll under you,has to join these organisations also,which is what grows your down line.and makes money for you.       

     Now another snag pops up, is that to join Global Domains international ( one of the five original organisations)you have to pay $10.00 a month,with this you will also need their premium Word Press Blog which will set you back another $43.00 per month,so far for your” free” site you have now paid $53.00 per month!!

    There are several other options,such as Traffic Authority,and Nowlifestyle which will also set you back a lot of money,so that in the end your bill will be in excess of $900.00 per year,all this for this “free” site.

    I much prefer Wealthy Affiliate, to which I belong, which gives us all this and more, for a much lower cost 

  3. thank you very much for such a great review, Many people are using the chance of those who need to build a passive income to scam them. its possible for someone to be successful in any online venture but this starts with finding the right platform. Does this company really deserve the 20% you gave? in my opinion, they do deserve 10%.


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