Profit Hoopla – A Review Of Profit Hoopla

Profit Hoopla – A Review of Profit Hoopla

Profit Hoopla, is part of the Hoopla family of Online Advertising Sites.

Owned by Billy and Charlotte Carr, its has been established over 20 Years.

It is actually an online gateway to the highest ranked advertising resources online.

Online Business Owners, need advertising to grow their businesses

How it Works

How it works is very simple.

It should  be pointed out now, that though this review is about Profit Hoopla

The same can be applied to all the Hoopla sites

You can join Profit for free.

As a free member, you get 10% for each referral who joins Profit Hoopla and Upgrades

There are then 3 Upgrade options, shown below

Monthly at $19

Yearly at $99

Lifetime at $177. This is a one off payment

With each upgrade you get 50% Commission

Depending on the upgrades your referrals take, you either get

monthly commissions on each renewal. So at $19 you get $9.5 Per referral

Yearly Commissions on each Renewal. So at $99 you get $49.50 per Referral

Lifetime commissions on each renewal. So at $177 you get $88.50 Per Referral.

At the Pro Level you get access to unique testing reports

These show which are the best resources for your advertising

Advertising Resources

Inside Profit Hoopla, are a series of Tested and ranked Advertising Resources

An example of which is shown below

You join each advertising resource as a Free Member.

No upgrading is neccessary, but by doing so you get more traffic to your websites.

You also get the commissions relative to the upgrade you have with each site

So this can vary from 10% to 50%

Landing Pages

At each level within Profit Hoopla, are come landing pages

You can see an example of one below

This type of page gets sign ups very easily for any business or affiliate opportunity you have

How Best To Use It

The very best way to use Profit Hoopla is to take an upgrade

The upgrade is then used to buy advertising credits in each ad resource

This reduces the need for you to manually surf each ad resource

You then share your Hoopla landing page with others

Or you can add it too the exchanges themselves

Each page carries its own unique tracking link, so you can see where your leads are coming from

The picture below shows an example of this


The major benefit of Profit Hoopla is their ability to pay commissions

Unlike a lot of other programmes where you need a threshold payment to get paid

The Owners, pay you once you have got commissions of $10

You  send them a request, they pay you to paypal.

They love paying commissions and do so without delays by way of PayPal.

Or convert to any traffic package and they will deliver double.

Just ask! They love sending and receiving from US banks using Zelle, Or worldwide Transferwise. Again, Just ask!

Of all the ventures you could wish to be associated with for commissions, Profit Hoopla is the quickest by miles

If You Follow If You Do, Soon Your Bountiful Harvest

This is the hoopla mantra

What it means is this

Follow what they show and do and you will have success too

So for example

Get the Pro Upgrade you can afford

Upgrade within one or two ventures inside of Profit Hoopla

Share your Hoopla with everyone you know who wants quality traffic.

Encourage them to upgrade… You can even share this blog review, because it works.

Do that and then you will start to earn money the Simple way.

There is no faster way.

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