Prosperity Marketing System Can You Prosper With It

Prosperity Marketing System Can You Prosper With It

If you have been looking at the Prosperity Marketing System and asking can you prosper with it

Then this post will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about it

What Is The Prosperity Marketing System

The short answer to that is that its a marketing system. Clearly because of the name of it

However, it is more than just a marketing system

It was created by Darren Olander, himself a veteran on the Internet Marketing cicuit

Darren created it because he  wanted a system that not only he could use, but others could use as well

In short, it is a system that you own yourself

How You Own It

How you own it is like this. Every one who comes in to contact with the system gets a free 7 day trial with it

At the end of 7 days you then pay a small fee $12 which effectively is a ‘hosting’ fee for want of a better word

The $12 is also a monthly fee.But for this you have now become the owner of it and can adjust it to suit.

By suit, you can edit or change any programme inside the system itself, except for the

Primary Business and The Autoresponder

Inside the system, you will find 3 Courses

Essential Marketing

About Prosperity Marketing

Traffic Generation

Each course is a detailed course explaining about the 3 subject matters above

Owner Add On

Now the Owner Add on, is a very powerful add on, which is called a plugin

But unlike with WordPress it is not a plugin you upload.

It is a one time payment of $97 Ninety Seven Dollars

This gives you the opportunity to change the

Primary programme and the Autoresponder, if you so wish

The Autoresponder is set to GetResponse as a default.

So if you have an account with GetResponse and put your affiliate ID into it, then You will stay with GetResponse

The Owner Add On is also 100% Commissionable to you.

Which means that like the monthly Student fee of $12, you will receive $97 to you.

Commissions are paid on the 15th of the month, to your processor of choice

Having the Owner Add On, also means that you can edit any page in the system

It also means that you can create training based upon your own experience/s

But above all, it means that Prosperity Marketing System is Yours… You Own it

Can You Prosper with it?

Now the answer to this question is a resounding yes

However, as with all businesses it only works when it is promoted

Within your own system ,you will find affiliate programs your sponsor has put in

Some you will like, some you may not, some you will be an affiliate of already

If you are an affiliate already, then simply replace the id with your own

Safelists and solo ads are by far the quickest way to promote the System

Why safelists and solo ads?…

These two methods are proven over time and since the internet began

To build your list very fast

You will also collect referral credits and commissions from those programs inside your own system

Can you use Social Media?

Yes absolutely nothing wrong with promoting via social media

If you have a strong social media presence then, you may well have people who buy from you

However, with this method it is shown that people, do make buying decisions

but those buying decisions take longer

While safelists and solo ads are using the Direct Response method

Direct Response buying is almost instant and that puts money on your pocket.

The video below gives you an idea of how the payplan works

To be successful online, you need to build your own list. Better than that you need to have a funded proposal

Funded proposals, good ones that is, let you keep 100% Commissions

A Google search will show lots of these types of programmes, so that shows they work

However, what it doesn’t show you is that you have to join the Programm owners choice of downline ventures

With Prosperity Marketing System 

You Choose the ventures that go into it

When you make a sale you get an email, like the one below saying

Cha Ching!. You Just Made a Sale!

It also gives you the details of who brought.

So, if you are looking for your own business, customised the way you want it

You want 100% Commissions, then without doubt Prosperity Marketing System is for you.

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