Pure Leverage Reviewed… What You Need to Know

If you are looking at Pure Leverage this post will tell you what you need to know.

Pure Leverage… What You Need To Know

Pure Leverage was started by Joel Therien, the owner and founder of GVO, Global Virtual Opportunities

Global Virtual Opportunities were started in 2004 and  has All the tools, every business  owner needs

Lets look at Pure Leverage more in depth now.



Web Presence and Site

You are given your very own blog, which you can customize and host on your own domain name

Lead Capture System

You are given a series of lead capture pages, which are designed to get peoples names and addresses

This system will capture important data, such as the name and email of your prospects. This data is privately saved to your account and tied together with your auto responder system that is also included in this massive tool suite.

You can either write your own email series or use the pre loaded one that comes inside

Auto Responder

The auto responder has the ability to let you attract 10,000 subscribers, before you have to upgrade

Video Email and Streaming

Live Conference

This lets you have meetings with team member from across the globe, all from the comfort of your own home

Elite Coaching

The Elite Marketing Tool suite, gives you access to Pure Leverages instructors 2-3 times a week in a live environment

You can learn about blogging or the Pure Leverage Suite of Tools

All these tools you get for a monthly price of $24.97

Now that sounds all well and good, when you think about some of the price options available  elsewhere

One Step Further

Then Pure Leverage takes it one step further, by adding in a pretty good affiliate opportunity, which at first glance looks very good

The cost for this is $19.97, which again when you look at the opportunity is how the name gets applied to the venture

Why Pure Leverage?

Lets look at the compensation plan, to get a  better idea.

You can introduce as many people across your front line as you want to.

In month 1 you collect 100% residual commissions from them, as shown below


In the following months, you then get paid 50% commissions from your front line referrals, as the picture below shows



So by doing the numbers you get an ideas as to how powerful this opportunity could be

But the reason the opportunity is called Pure Leverage, is best shown by the two pictures immediately below

You see your front line, can introduce as many people as they wish to this opportunity


There is absolutely no limit on the amount of people you can have underneath you, or your introductions can have underneath them

Because, as the picture beneath shows. you get 50% matching check bonus on those people underneath you


Now, as you can see, thats why its called Pure Leverage, because not just you, but absolutely everyone that comes into this venture, earns from someone, hence the name Pure Leverage.

Commissions are paid direct to your bank, through Authorize.net, and happen religiously every single month, as long as people are promoting the venture

The Lead capture pages you get given, while not custom made, certainly do a very good job, of attracting leads to your system.

These leads get placed into your own autoresponder list and you can have as many lists as you like within the system

Certainly you will build your list fast, which is why Pure Leverage say, build your list, build your freedom


As with most affiliate marketing ventures you would still need to advertise it.

Which is whee there is a downside for me, because Pure Leverage advocates you marketing, soley through your facebook page

Now, there is nothing wrong with doing this, after all Facebook has apparently 2 Billion active users. Of those there are 1 Billion active pages

It is where a large percentage of your market place is

But when facebook, keeps changing its algorithm, then that makes it more difficult to promote through your Facebook Page

The reason is this. Facebook, makes its money from selling advertising. To promote any sort of business on Facebook, you need a page

Posting to those you have connected with is one way, but because Facebook wants you to buy advertising, it severely limits the organic reach you get

So when it come to promoting you venture, then that is a major downside, unless of course you have lots of money

By this, you are talking  several thousands of pounds


Advertising Co Op

Pure Leverage, gets round this, by encouraging you to join their Facebook group, then liking and sharing comments from others

This counts towards points, which then mean if you have collected a certain amount of points over a 5 day period, then you qualify for receiving the leads Pure Leverage generates from its own advertising

The second way, is that you can buy into their Advertising Co Op, which rather than costing thousands, will set you back anywhere from $100 upwards

Good if you have the money… Bad if you don’t

Alternative Methods

If you don’t have the money, then there are some alternative non social media methods you can try, which do work

These are Traffic Exchanges, Forums, Solo Ads and Classified Ad Networks

Beware if you are going down the Traffic Exchange route, because some of them, have banned the Pure Leverage Links from being shown in their exchanges

Why that is is not clear

What is know, is that the Traffic Exchnages, which do let you promote the links in them, will attract you leads.

Leads are the lifeblood of your business and thanks to the auto responder you get with your suite of tools, you can encourage the leads to upgrade


Another great thing is that, with these leads, they will be getting your auto responder messages even while your sleepng.Helping them to upgrade

A good percentage of these leads do upgrade, so you will receive commissions


What can’t be denied is that Pure Leverage, does work, if you work it and are prepared, to use facebook, unless you have any other promotion methods you use

It will build your list and pay you commissions every month

You have to treat it like a business however, when you do, it rewards you handsomely

Would I recommend it?…. Absolutely, because it does what it says on the tin

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