Quora: How To Make Your Posts Go Viral

Quora How to make Your posts Go Viral

If you have been blogging and you are user of Quora





then you will know how good it is for traffic generation

Add yourself into spaces as they are called and then notifications come through to your inbox for you to answer questions on

But, Quora is so much more than that. Read on and all will be explained


As a blogger, then depending on what space you are in, you can actually use your blog posts, as answers

How do you do this?

Well the picture below shows you. When you are asked a question in Quora and you have an answer on your blog,

Simply type some explainer text followed by your website url in the box as shown at 1

Click the Add box at 2 and then your website link will be added after your text



Social Media

Did you know that you can actually, configure your social profile within Quora, so that any answers you post.

You can choose which social profiles to post to and as you would expect there are configurations for



Once you have hit the submit button with your answer, then it will be posted on to the Social Networks you have configured.


Making It Go Viral

At the bottom of each Quora Question is a share button.

When you click this it will automatically share your content within Quora to other relevant spaces that may be interested in it

This picture shows you how



Once you have done this, then you can then share to Facebook and Twitter as well if you so wish.

So how do you know how much traffic you are getting from Quora?

To do this you would go to the Profile Picture and click on it, so that the drop down menu shows the stats tab


Then click on the Stats Tab and you will see a screen like the one below


You can choose any time period from the drop down box at the top right

You are then presented with a detailed breakdown of the traffic, up votes and shares for your content over the relevant period

But that is how to make your content go Viral on Quora

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