Skrill Lightning Fast Payments

When it comes to getting paid online, you need to have a selection of

Trusted and reliable pay processors.

In by gone days, Paypal, was the almost exclusive option.

If you operate in the affiliate marketing online world

Then Paypal, was a must have

However as the years have passed by and things in the online marketing world have changed

Paypal, while still being good, is slowly distancing itself from association with

Online Affiliate Marketing

Fear Not

There are plenty of good other options out there

Skrill is one such option

Is one such option, which is worth considering

Free to start, it actually operates globally and pays money direct to your bank account

One thing you will definitely like with Skrill is that unlike Paypal, it is fairly simple to use

Once you have money in your account, then withdrawal is a simple process.

Its literally click withdraw and you can send your balance to your bank, which usually takes a few hours

What is important to remember, is the first time you withdraw from Skrill

You have a restriction on the amount, until you verify yourself

Verficiation is easy enough. Simply upload your address and photo Identity

For this, Driving Licence and Passport are sufficient.


Unlike Paypal, there are no hidden fees associated with your account or withdrawal

Also unlike Paypal, you can earn money from referring people to using the service

Commission rates are 20%

This is a godsend especially if you have woo commerce on your website

So that is a summary of Skrill which comes with my highest recommendation as a good alternative to Paypal.

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