SmartLine Theme By Themezee

This is a review of the SmartLine, WordPress Theme (below), by Themezee



Smartline is a free Theme from Themezee and was chosen because of its clean, responsive look and the fact that it had a demo preview, which shows you what the theme looked like before you installed it




In terms of editing and adding widgets and such like to it, through the customizer, nothing could be easier and the finished article looks nice


I have used this theme for a couple of different reasons, I liked the demo, though the color of it was nice and indeed when it was installed on a domain I use and still have, attracted probably as many comments as the content itself


It was also free, and gave the appearance of being a premium theme, with its clean responsive look


However, it has to be said, that it has also given more than its fair share of issues and is now onto its fourth host because for some unknown reason each host it is with, Jetpack notifies me of a problem with it


This particular theme has the WordFence Plugin ( below)



Installed on it and for reasons unknown to this author or to the support team at either Themezee

It recorded numerous hack attempts at the blog.


Because SmartLine, is a  beautiful,  free theme,  which gives  impression of actually being a premium theme, I decided to try this theme on a blog, with my new Host and incredibly, so far in the 6 months I have been using this  host, with that theme, I have not experienced any issues or problems with it.

Which goes to prove, that in each case previously, it was the host at fault

That said, the theme was last updated in April 2018 and currently has 8,000 Plus active installs, which is working out to just under 1,000 per day.

In conclusion, smartline is a  free, but  premium looking theme, which is easy to use and as such I can recommend it. 

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