Social Media The Wall Strategy

This post explains the Social Media Wall Strategy

If the term sounds a little unfamiliar don’t panic, all will be revealed and you’ll start to think

“I do that” …

As this post unfolds you’ll begin to see just how powerful this can be for your marketing

A note of caution at this point, because, though there are 6 Major Social Networks

This strategy is only applicable to 2 at most, so you achieve the maximum exposure

Potentially there is a 3rd as well, but as you will find out, with the 3rd one

There is an awful lot of noise around this one, so exposure is much harder.

Oh, yes this strategy will also work on some lesser known networks

But if it’s applied there, then as they are lesser known, exposure might not be so high

What Is The Wall Strategy

In it’s simplest form, it’s when you post on your social media profile.

Now you have to be careful, what you post and how you post it

The reason for this is because, absolutely every one will see it… Including friends and Family

Now as your profile is not controlled by you. You should only post pragmatic material

However, by posting about business, then when you post on your wall, it will show on your timeline

When this happens, people will like and comment on the post if they resonate with it

Doing this, then pushed your post up the Central feed towards the top

When this happens your post, together with your picture, stays ‘live’ for a while

So imagine for a moment that you are a blogger, who wants traffic to your blog

By posting a relevant blog post topic on your profile, which gets liked and commented on

Your post will get pushed to the top of the social network timeline

So, just think about this for a moment, let it really sink in…

This method is giving you, absolutely tons of

Organic Traffic

It will be the same or similar type of traffic to that from the search engines

That much you know already, because the same people who use social media

Also use the search engines

So without spending any money on ad words, you are getting eyeballs on your blog for free

Which Social Networks Does This Work On

Potentially, on all the major Social Networks

However what you have to bear in mind is this

Its called the Social Media Wall Strategy for a reason.

It works best on those platforms which have a wall, or as you know it better a timeline

You’ll see an example of a timeline below in the Twitter Picture (In case you don’t know what it is!)

The best two platforms for this are



These two platforms, while both different in terms of the purpose they serve

Still have a combined active user base of close to

3,000,000 people

Now it doesn’t take rocket science to work out that there are close to

5,000,000 people,

Perhaps more on the planet, admittedly not all of them will be using the search engines

But… between these two platforms, you can and should be able to obtain a small percentage

Of Organic Traffic

Now that is pretty good reach, I’m sure you would agree

So, earlier on, you would have read that, there were two Social Networks where this strategy would work

It was also documented that there might potentially be a Third one as well

The Third one is

However the downside to using this strategy on Twitter is that there is too much noise on the wall

By noise, because it’s the only real time network there is and the only automated one

Any post you tweet is likely to get lost, even if it is optimized with Hashtags

Which is why it is better to stick with the first two platforms mentioned.

At least using Facebook and Linkedin, with this strategy, as long as it’s a good quality post

Or at worst one that’s in keeping with what others in a similar niche to you post

The other way to make it stand out is to use Thumbails

Thumbnails are pictures, much like those in this post

Which you can get before you write a post from your status box

Then you can actually write inside the thumbnail, hit publish and away it goes.

Using thumbnails, gives you a great advantage over other posters.

So that is the Social Media Wall Strategy Explained

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7 thoughts on “Social Media The Wall Strategy”

  1. I like this strategy, I actually thought Facebook and Twitter are best to apply this strategy until you adjusted my thinking. I don’t really do much on my LinkedIn account, but I guess that will change now. I’d love to find out some more hacks like this and will share this with other marketers so they could benefit from it. 

  2. Social media is a great business tool, one that cannot be dismissed in today’s society!  I always use a thumbnail, as you suggest.  It should someone’s attention, give them an idea of what the article is about and make them pause to read my post.  I leave the post short, just a teaser as to what someone will get when they click on the post. 

    This is a great article on the value of social media.  Thank you for posting!

  3. Hi Dave, I am trying to use FB as a social media for my online biz. I am not new to using FB but I think it is very hard to get exposure these days. My experience hasn’t been good so far. Any tips how I can improve the engagement? I have not tried using Linkedin but I heard that it’s good for networking.

    • Sue thanks for the reply.Facebook organic reach has certainly dwindleed off, because they want you to use Paid ads. Paid ads are okay IF you have the money in the thousands to get the reach you want.

      My own tip, is to use your facebook page, a bit like a blog and use that to share where you want. Your facebook page will get fed by your profile, so you can, when you have content to publish, invite your connections to ‘like’ and comment on it.

      Linkedin is brilliant for networking and recommendations and people will buy on there for sure


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