SOLO Ads The Truth

When it comes to building your list, then there is no more powerful way to do this

Than by using Solo Ads. Or Is It? The Truth is, do you know what a Solo Ad Actually is

Many online Marketers, will go to Solo Ad providers such as Udimi, because of its reputation,

That is okay, as long you know the original source?

If that sounds like a silly thing to say and your now wondering what is meant by that

Then read on and Solo Ads The Truth will be revealed


In their purest form Solo Ads are a form of P P C. If you don’t know what that means

Then P P C is Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, if you are ahead of the game is related to Search Engine Traffic

So when you are actually buying the lead from the vendor

If you are already doing some form of PPC, then the chances are, you could be paying twice

However, sadly, not all traffic and in particular Solo Ads are equal or good

So from your point of view, it makes buying one or more fraught with danger

For example

Do you know how fresh the sellers list is?

What is the conversion rate on offers promoted?

Is the seller, reputable?

As you can see, there are several questions which crop up straight away

List Building

This is why its important for you to focus on List Building

But more than that, its crucial that you become your own traffic Source or

You get premium high quality buyer traffic

Both ways mean that you are in control of your own list building

You are also putting proven buyers on your list, so you know

They will make a purchase from you at some point, even if its not straight away

When you compare the two ways described above together

You’ll probably agree that the latter way is by far the best


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